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What is the difference between a territory and a state?

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In the United States, a State is a defined geographical area that has been recognized as a full member of the Union established by the Constitution, and thus a sovereign entity within that union.

A territory, on the other hand, is a geographical region that is subject to the sovereign control of the United States but has not been organized and accepted as a full partner and sovereign entity within the union and is, therefore, more subject to direct control by the Congress and the President, than is a State.

Residents of a territory, although citizens of the United states, may not be eligible to vote for their governor or legislature, or for the President, although some can, and may not have voting representation in the Congress.

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What is the main difference between state and a territory?

ateratory is smaller then a cunrty

What is the difference between a US territory and a US State?

A state is a territory with over 100,000 people in it, and has applied for statehood to the U.S. government.

Whats the difference between a territory and a state?

It becomes a state when a lot of people elect it to be one

What is the difference between a county and state?

The difference between a county and a state is a political division of a state, and provides certain local governmental services. A state is a territory considered as an organized political community under one government.

What is the difference between Louisiana Territory and Louisiana the state?

its easy its Mississippi guys you should know that and this is really the answer bye!! ;)

Difference between a state and territory?

Any land inside the countries boarder that is not claimed as part of a state is a territory. Territories can't have their own government and pass laws like states, but they can become one with the approval of the country.

Difference between state and state function?

The State- an association defined by its territory, population, government and sovereignty.The State function- the set of purposes of the state which are legislative, executive, judiciary and external participation in international affairs.

What is the difference between action and state?

what is the difference between action verds and state verbs ?

What is the Difference between municipality and municipal corporation?

Only the very technical difference that the "municipal corporation" is the legal entity comprising the government, and the municipality is the territory which forms the jurisdiction of the municipal corporation. It is like the difference between "state" (in the sense of "head of state", not a division of the United States) and "country". Very technical.

Which state or territory is situated between Sydney and Melbourne?

ACT Australian capital territory

What is the difference between Common Wealth vs State?

What is the difference between a common wealth and a state?

What is difference between central university and state university?

difference between central and state university

What is the difference between a region and a territory?

potatoes grow better in territories

What is the difference between Florida and the Florida territory?

Florida territory included land that is now part of Alabama and Mississippi.

What is the difference between an empire and a city state?

a city state does not have an emperor the difference between a city-state and an empire is that a city-state dose not have a emperor

What is the difference between a dominion and a colony?

The difference between Dominion and Colony are not as apparent as black and white. Dominion refers to a land owned by another but with a government of its own where a Colony refers to a territory that retains ties to the parent state for control and governance.

What is the difference between when Arizona became a state and when Arizona became a part of the US?

Just because it is a part of the US doesn't mean it's a state. It could be a territory, like Puerto Rico.

What is the difference between an enabling act and an act of admission?

An enabling act is an act directing the people of the territory to frame a proposed State constitution. Whereas an act of admission is an act of creating the new State.

What is the difference between the State Legislature and the US Congress?

The difference between the state legislature and the congerss is that the state legislature is state legislature while Congress is national legislature.

What is the time difference between Alberta and Yukon?

Alberta is a province and Yukon is a territory.

State ONE difference between a cacique's wife and an ordinary Taino female?

difference between the observed outcome and the "normal" outcome (the difference between P2 and Q

What is the difference between a state college and a public college?

There is no difference.

What is the difference between city and state job?

City is local and state is with the state. Pay would be the big difference.

What does A neutral territory between rival powers called?

buffer state

How many hours difference between UK?

The time in the easternmost British territory, the British Indian Ocean Territory, is UTC+6, and the time in the westernmost British territory, the Pitcairn Islands, is UTC-8. That's a difference of 14 hours.

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