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Waves Vibrations and Oscillations

What is the difference between a vibration and an oscillator?

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A: VIBRATOR IS A MECHANICAL OSCILLATOR oscillator is an electronic device

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Difference between oscillator and transistor

A local oscillator can be a crystal oscillator.

oscillator frequency is different.crystal working piezo electric effect

difference between local oscillator and controlled oscillator

Amplifier amplifies the input signal whereas an Oscillator generates a sinusoidal signal!

An oscillator will generate a waveform. An amplifier takes a small wave and 'amplifies' it to a big wave.

An oscillator is part of a generator. A generator has many more functions than a simple oscillator.

oscillator preduces sin waves or osclitations while as multivibrator preduces squar wave

A nonlinear or relaxation oscillator produces a non-sinusoidal output, such as a square, sawtooth or triangle wave. And RC oscillator produces sinusoidal output.

location of local oscillatorself - oscillator is integral to mixerseparate - oscillator is a physically separate stage

An oscillator is an electronic device that vibrate under certain criteria. a vibrator is a mechanical device that vibrates.

A generator is used to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. An oscillator is used to convert dc to ac

The difference between an RC and LC is that the frequency - determining device in the RC oscillator is not a tank circuit. LC can operate with A or C biasing, while RC can only operate with A.

An amplifier is usually stabilized by means of negative feedback. An oscillator is an amplifier which is made unstable by means of positive feedback.

its to oscillate a vibration and passes a signal to the processor

the difference is a rarefaction needs vibration i believe i'mnot sure

colpitts oscillator has two coils in series and one capacitor in parallel. hartley oscillator has one capacitor and one coil in parallel

Resonator is a device used either to generate wave or select specific frequencies from a signal while oscillator is an electronic circuit that creates repetitive signal.

In case of HARMONIC OSCILLATOR the relation b/n FORCE AND DISPLACEMENT is LINEAR but in the case of ANHARMONIC OSCILLATOR relation b/n force and displacement is not linear.Hence this non-linearity arises the fact that the spring is not capable of exerting a restoring force that is proportional to the displacement.

Rc phase shift uses negative feedback.. Weinbridge uses both +ve and -ve feedback

what is the different between natural and forced vibration systems.

The vibration of the Longitudinal wave is parallel to the wave direction and the vibration is perpendicular to the direction in the transverse wave.

oscillator is which oscillates to a required proportion in order to generate signal with required frequency. whereas, regulator limits the signal to a predefined value and offers a constant out put through out

To increase the efficiency. Comparison between crystal oscillator and ceramic resonator.

On free vibration the beam or structure is not suffering influence of forces (Beam on space). In forced vibration the structure is under presence of force example bridges. Later on will you discover the free vibration is important to obtain natural frequencies and mode shapes. the difference b\w forced and free vibration can be understand by the examples.............a) the vibration of a pendulum is free vibration which needs no external force to vibrate. b) the vibration of a machine like a drill is forced vibration which needs an external force to vibrate.

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