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Q: What is the difference between a yam in the TV announcer?
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What is the difference between a yam and a TV announcer?

The Yam is a sweet potato while the announcer is a common tater.HAHAHAHA FUNNY JOKE!!!!

When was Don Robertson - television announcer - born?

Don Robertson - television announcer - was born in 1926.

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what is difference between television and monitor.

What is the difference between led television and digital television? This site will explain it all. Good Luck!

What is the difference between plasma 3D TV and an LCD 3D TV?

The difference between the two TVs is the high definition resolutions. There are many different companies that make both models.

Who was the Phillies announcer for Prism?

The late Jim Barniak was the primary announcer for Comcast-Spectacor's PAY-TV service, Prism.

What are the difference between educational television and industrial television productions?


What is the average salary for a tv announcer?

$10.64 an hour

Difference between 150 and 350 digital channel feed in cable tv?

The difference between 150 and 350 digital channel feed in the cable TV lies with the quality of the video.

Who is John Burgess?

An Australian television host and radio announcer.

Who was the packers television announcer in the Lombardi days?

Ray Scott

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480i , 480P ,