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aggresive skates are made for more aggresie skating

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Q: What is the difference between aggressive skates and normal skates?
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What is the meaning of aggressive skates?

Aggressive skates are a brand for roller skates, as the name suggests. The brand focuses on roller skates only, the designs are all slightly boyish. This indicates that the brand is mainly focused on males as their group targets.

What is the difference between vapor 60 limited edition skates and the vapor 60 skates?

Just the color. There are no additional features.

What is the difference between regular skates and Reebok pump skates?

Reebok pumps have the option of pumping the ankle support up

Which aggressive inline skates do you get K2 varsity pro or razor cult street red skates?

I would get the varsity k2

Are corr z4 works ata 990 2009 aggressive skates good?

No! Corr skates are below entry level. Go with name brand aggressive skates like Rollerblade, USD, Razor, Remz, K2 or something like that. Corr skates are very uncomfortable and do not offer a good surface for grinding and learning tricks. If you are looking for a good deal check out, they have a ton of skates on sale that are much better than any Corr skate out there.

Are inline skating boots and frames all interchangeable even using regular inline skate boots with aggressive frames?

Alot of normal inline skates aren't interchangeable, but some are. Usually you can't put aggressive frames on, but if your using K2's, you can/

Where can you buy aggressive skates and parts in NJ?

I feel you man no one skates anymore but check out spoiled brat it's in Perth ambroy Smb

What is the difference between Bauer flexlite vapor and supreme skates?

The look, the design, the feel, many things.

What is the difference between a skate and a ray?

The skate has a different body structure then a ray.

Why do you need figure skates for figure skating?

yes you can get figure skates but you can also figure skate in normal skates aswell xx

What are the differences between speed skates and figure skates?

The speed skates have longer blades

Where can one buy aggressive inline skates?

The best AGGRESSIVE FINGER SKATES out are the new AOR finger skates! they have famous pro athletes backing up there company so you can buy a finger skate and it will either be from one Real Skater or another. So your not just getting a finger skate your getting a Pro Model series! is backed up by New York's Art of Rolling Magazine the worlds only East Coast aggressive skate magazine!