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What is the difference between alcohol and liquor?


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Alcohol is a substance found in alcoholic drinks, while liquor is a name for these drinks. So for example one might say "I'm drinking liquor, which contains alcohol."

Liquor is a beverage that contains alcohol. Not all alcoholic beverages are liquors though, beer, wine, malt beverages all contain alcohol but are not liquors. To be a liquor the beverage must be distilled from one of the fermented beverages mentioned above. Liquors have a much higher proof rating (200 proof is 100% alcohol, 40 proof is 20% alcohol, 1 proof is a 1/2 %) usually around 40 proof, although Bacardi 151 is famous for being 151 proof (75.5%) and some moonshines are higher even. Also not all alcohol is ethanol (the kind you can drink) isopropyl is a different alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and it is not potable!

The exact meaning of liquor has changed over time. Decades ago, liquor often referred to beer and wine in addition to distilled spirits. Hence, the term liquor is somewhat ambiguous.


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The taste is VERY different. The alcohol percentage is different also depending on what you buy of the liquor.

Vodka is a spirit, which is a type of liquor, but all liquor isn't vodka.

Liquor is anything with alcohol in it. Rum is a type of liquor, differentiated by being distilled and made from sugar cane.

If by liquor you mean hard liquor then the main difference is distillation. Wine is just fermented while hard liquor is distilled.

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I'm not sure about this because English isn't my mothertongue, but I think liquor is the common name for booze (anything alcoholic) and liqueur is an originally French drink which is always very sweet and has a high percentage of alcohol.

beer is made from grains, wine is made from fruit and veg ( mainly grapes)to make alcohol. but their are many more reasons for the difference due to types of yeast

The alcohol in liquor is ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, CH3CH2OH.

The important difference is that phenol reacts with FeCl3 whereas normal alcohol can not

Liquor is a mixture of alcohol, water, and various cogeners, depending on the type. The amount of alcohol in liquor can very from .5%, as found in "non-alcoholic" beer, to 95%, as can be found in Everclear.

Spirits (or liquor as you say) has a much higher alcohol content than beer. Beer averages at about 4% alcohol where spirits can be anything between 35 to 70 % alcohol. As alcohol has a lower freezing temperature than say water the beer will freeze long before the spirits will.

Liquor(Alcohol) used in the distilled form for human consumption.

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Alcohol content in beverages is measured in proof. One proof is half a percent of alcohol. So 80 proof liquor is 40% alcohol.

Switching between beer, wine and liquor will make a person more impaired than sticking to one type of alcohol.A. TrueB. False

Sugar content, liqueur has to have a high sugar by law..

well it depends on what proof that the liquor is if it is 80 proof then it will have 40 percent alcohol and soforth but most liqiour is 40 to 45 percent alcohol

There is the same amount of alcohol in a glass of wine, a can of beer, and a shot of liquorA

they all get you drunk after a while but I sugest liquor that has the minimum amount of alcohol.

methane is not alcohol but methanol is alcohol the ol bit of methanol is alcohol

Water contains no alcohol or oils, as rubbing alcohol does.

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