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ICD9 code is the diagnosis code and a CPT is the procedure code

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2009-12-14 15:22:54
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Q: What is the difference between an ICD9 code and a CPT code?
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What is the CPT code for Orthopnea?

Orthopnea is a symptom, not a procedure. It can have an ICD9 code but not a CPT code.

What is the icd9 code for pap smear?

ICD9 codes are diagnostic codes. The pap smear is a procedure and has a CPT code.

What icd code should you use other than 99396 if patient is only 39 years old?

99396 is a CPT code, not an ICD9 code. The ICD9 code you use will depend on the condition or reason for the visit.

What is the ICD9 code for marriage counseling?

There is no ICD9 code for marriage counseling.

What is the icd-9 code for chest xray orthopnea?

The ICD9 for orthopnea is 786.02. The chest x-ray would have a CPT code.

What is the cpt codes Surgical sinus endoscopy with sphenoidotomy for acute sphenoidal sinusitis?

Cpt -31287 icd9- 461.3

What is the cpt code for cervical dystonia?

CPT codes is the procedures codes done for the diagnosis. Here the diagnosis is cervical dystonia, so in order to find out diagnosis code you would have to look in the ICD9 codes book because it is diagnosis codes. Look up specific treatment for the cervical dystonia and then you can find the procedure in the CPT book.

What modifier should you use if the physician bill cpt code 99213 with cpt code 96372 cpt code j3301 cpt 94640 cpt code 87880?


What is the name of the book used in the physician's office to code procedures?

The CPT manual, or Current Procedure Terminology manual, is the book used in teh physician's office to code procedure. It's companion is the ICD9 coding book.

Which icd9 code is use with cpt code 90862?

It depends on the reason the patient is receiving the treatment, for example bipolar, personality disorder ect. There is not one specific code that is to be used with 90862, it is a pharmacy management code, so it is basically asking you why the patient is taking medication.

What is cpt code 97504?

There is no CPT code 97504

What is cpt code 74230?

what is cpt code 74220

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