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I believe that Information Technology refers to everything to do with the 'How' of it like which computer/program/modem/wireless/general equipment is available. The Information System deals more directly with the specific needs of the user which also can incorporate the above list as well, just on a user level rather than an overall level.

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2015-07-31 06:17:45
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Q: What is the difference between an Information technology and Information System?
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What is the difference between computer technology literacy and information system literacy?

i dont know the answer

Short answer of the difference between computer technician and information technology?

The technician is a living, breathing human being; IT is the system on which he/she works.

What is difference between management information system and Executive information system?

Management Information System

What is thew Difference between management information system and accounting information system?

The major difference between management information system and accounting information system is the method of accounting. The latter is performed by software, while the former is the system of how the records are kept.

What is the difference between expert system and executive information system?


What is the difference between erp system and traditional information system?


What is the difference between a business system and an information system?

the method of accounting

What is the difference between information system and information management system?

The main difference is that in information system we only just collect the information but in infomation management systen we have decide to which type of information is more relevent to an organisation.

What is the difference between geographic information system with other information system?

bodoh ko org kapir

Difference between BIOS and CMOS?

BIOS is a system software and CMOS is fabrication technology

What is the difference between Information Systems and Information Technology?

Information Systems is a large umbrella referring to systems designed to create, store, manipulate, or disseminate information. An example of an information system is a pencil and a piece of paper. The two objects themselves are just tools, but together they create a system for writing (information).Information technology falls under the information systems umbrella but has nothing to do with systems per say. IT deals with the technology involved in the systems themselves, e.g. an information system like contains many information technologies. Servers, server operating systems, web server software (IIS, Apache, et al.), and code written for the web server software (PHP, C#, VB, PERL, Ruby, et al.).

What is the difference between network and operating system?

they difference is the network operating system is the type of system that a computer or -IT technology Company uses after it has trademarked it. The OPERATING SYSTEM is the home version

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