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outdoor volleyball is played by the beach. Inside volleyball is played by the gym.

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The one big difference is that one is played inside and on court and is played outside on sand. Another difference is that you have 2 people playing rather than 6 on a regular game of volleyball inside!! And that's the difference between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. Sources: I have played volleyball for 10 years!!

nothing besides outdoor ones will look older and more dirty as indoor will look new. and outdoor is outside and indoor is inside.

there is bi difference other than the fact that your either playing inside or outside......same number of players, same rules.....

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Soccer is performed in an outdoor field, or inside, if you play indoor or outdoor. Outdoor is better!

To pass a volleyball you must bump it with the inside of your arms and your hands together.

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Volleyball is mostly played inside. It can sometimes be played outside, weather permitting.

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I believe air. Smart one.

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