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Per se, there are no differences in the raw fibre -- though more modern technologies may shorten the time it takes to work with the cocoons, and increase the number of cocoons available to harvest.

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Q: What is the difference between ancient silk and modern silk?
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What is the difference between artificial silk and pure silk?

pure silk comes from silk fibers artificial silk comes from fibers that soft and "feel silky".

What is the difference between a silk worm and silk?

Silk worm is an animal that spins its cocoon. Humans harvest the cocoons and unravel the worm's work: this is silk, the fibre.

What is ancient China's contribution culturally socially spiritually and economically to modern society?

silk is the contribution they used. they made thing out of silk and got to wear clothes and armor

What is the difference between wild silk and cultivated silk?

Wild silk is Harder to dye and differs in texture and color making it less uniform cultivated silk is more popular.

Who used silk?

the silk weaver . and she from ancient china

Did the ancient Chinese write on silk?

they wrote on silk

What is the difference between the eastern silk road and the western silk road?

The eastern silk road is mostly desert and the western silk road is mostly mountains

What is the difference between artificial silk and natural silk?

Natural silk: a product from the larvae of the insect Bombyx mori. The chemical structure of the fiber is proteinic. Artificial silk: man made fibers from cellulose and derivatives, polyesters, etc.

What is the difference between silk wrap and acvrylic nails?

Silk wraps are pieces of artificial silk that are glued to the nails. Acrylics are powdered acrylic that is placed on the nail then cured with ultraviolet light.

How did the silk road affect modern society?

Since there were no problems with different languages within the mankind from ancient times, the effects could be great.

The Silk Road stretched from China to?

The Silk Road, stretched from China to Xion. ps. Silk Road was built in ancient times/ancient China. Good luck

What is the difference between a satin womens shirt and a silk womens shirt?

A silk women's shirt will be a little more daring but will need to be kept away from water.