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What is the difference between being physically mature and emotionally mature?


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== == * Physical maturity is when you enter into puberty and the guys start putting muscle on and the girls develop curves and breasts. Emotionally mature people are ones that can communicate well with others; are honest, loyal, have feelings for others pain and have learned from their past mistakes. They are able to retain a good relationship with the opposite sex by being thoughtful, kind, interested in that person's well being and feeling totally comfortable with them, or, they will know immediately the person they are with is not treating them well and move on. There actually is NO age limit to maturity on most levels. I have met kids from 10 + that I call "old souls" that show much more maturity than some people my age. * When you are physically mature it means your body is fully developed. When you are emotionally mature you act mature.


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Physically speaking, yes they mature. But emotionally it cannot be said .

Everyone matures at their own pace. Physically, at adolescence. Emotionally, can be at 16, can be at 30.

Children are not mature enough physically or emotionally to join the Army.

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Yes it is. You are not mature enough to handle it emotionally, mentally and physically at 11. There will most likely be complications.

Ducks get to about their mature size and with feathers at 8 weeks, but they aren't emotionally mature for a long time after that. It takes them several months for their sex hormones to mature, and at that time they are emotionally adolescents.

They are the same thing. Maturity is a continuum, a place along a scale, and there are many different kinds. There is no essential difference between "mentally" mature and "emotionally" mature. A person can be mature in, say, matters of business, but behave like a child in personal relationships. Both are matters of emotional and social maturity. The desirable condition is a level of overall maturity that is appropriate for a person's age. That takes care of the entire picture.

The brain is physically mature when a person reaches their teen years. This, however does not mean that the person is mature or has such mental processes to be considered mature.

Independent means that a person is mature in all ways, able to make and enforce decisions, able to physically and emotionally be efficiently in charge of life's choices and events.

It better not be my daughter!!! For the most part girls mature physically and emotionally faster than boys, but a 18 year old boy and a 13/14 year old girl is asking for trouble, legally and emotionally.

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Yes and No, because most people aren't emotionally or physically ready. Unless you have done it before with a mature person that is ready to do sex.

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Heck, I'm 57 and still waiting! And happy about it! Some guys take a lot longer than others.... whether you mean physically or emotionally - and even longer for both.

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The difference is that a mosquito is the grown, mature insect. A wriggler is what is known as the mosquito larvae.

When considering breeding, wait till your dog is AT LEAST 15months old for small breeds and 20months for large breeds. You want your dog to be %100 physically and emotionally mature (you will be able to tell when they are calmer and a little less playful IF you know your dog) before breeding. If your dog is 18months old and isn't emotionally mature, then do not breed him. However, just because your dog seems mature at 1year, that DOES NOT mean you still breed him or her.

good self esteem, confident in who they are.

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