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Bien means well and is an adverb, bon means good and is an adjective (which also means that it has feminine and plural forms - bonne, bons, bonnes)

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Q: What is the difference between bien and bon in French?
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What is the difference between 'très bien' and 'très bon'?

Très bien is 'very well' and très bon is 'very good'

How do you say--That's good--in French?

Tres bien! - Very good! C'est bien/bon! - That's good! Bien is for stuff in general. Bon is usually food.

How do you say 'that's good' in French?

"c'est bon / c'est bien"

How do you say good sound in french?

ça a l'air bien - ça sonne bien

What is fine in French?

There is no specific word for fine in French, however you could use bon or bien.

How do you say not good in french?

not good: n'est pas bien pas bon

What is eat-well in French?

Manger-bien, but if it is a natural expression it is mostly BON-APPETIT

What does bonne mean in french?

Bonne means good, but you can also use bon and/or bien.

How do you say im am good in french?

(my health is not good) : je ne vais pas bien, je ne suis pas bien

How do you say I am fine thank you in French?

Je vais très bien, merci or ça VA très bien, merci je vais bien, merci

How do you say Well in French?

bien = welleg Ca VA bien = Its OK, I'm OK (well)Il dance bien = He dances well

How do you say it good in french?

it is good (to eat) = "c'est bon" good work = "bon travail !" I feel good = "je me sens bien"