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A black widow spider is a spider. A snake is a snake.

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A snake bite is a little wider apart than a spider bite.

If you mean telling the difference between a coral snake and a milk snake... Red touches black (Milk snake) Red touches yellow (Coral snake)

Deer, snapping turtle, moose, rattle snake, black widow spider, black recluse spider, black bear, yellow sac spider, elk,and

Same as between Snake and rattle snake

It depends on which species of snake are you talking about. If it's is a Cobra, King Cobra and Brown snake, a black widow doesn't stand a chance. Most snakes, however, are not venomous at all. P.S. A black widow isn't the most venomous spider, there are also the red back spider and funnel-web spider who are much more dangerous.

The difference is that there is no such thing as a chicken snake, and rattlesnakes do exist.

This question is very general and hard to answer. There are many types of snakes that come in a "black" coloring, so the differences between the king snake and the "black" snake depend on the species that is black. Some snakes that come in black colorings include corn snakes, ratsnakes, and even king snakes come in a coloration called the Mexican Black kingsnake.

a crab has claws and a snake slithers around

Well a toad is a amphibian and a snake is a reptile.

a gecko is a lizard and a rattle snake is a snake.

A slow worm - is a legless lizard... NOT a snake.

sounds like a rattle snake. Does the head come to a point and you can tell the difference between the body and head? If so it is a rattlesnake.

Snake - refers to any species within the snake family. Viper - refers to a specific species of snake. It's like asking the question "What's the difference between a dog and a poodle"

The simple rhyme is "Red touches yellow - kill a fellow ! Red touches black - venom lack" So.... if the bands on a snake are red, yellow, black - It's a coral snake ! BUT - red, black, yellow - It's a king snake !

If the spider does not have poison.

the snake have long spine and the fish has short spines

none = a python is a class of snake and a constrictor is a type of snake.

The rhyme is... Red touches yellow - kill a fellow. Red touches black - venom lack.

timber rattlesnake,copperhead snake,black widow spider,bees and wasps and hornets.

No difference - they are simply different names for the same reptile.

A red back spider will eat a snake

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