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Clothe is a verb, meaning to put clothes on something or someone. Cloth is a material made by weaving threads.

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Q: What is the difference between clothe and cloth?
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What is difference between clothe and cloth?

Pronounciation, and cloth is material, clothe is the action of providing clothing for. Clothes/clothing pretty much same meaning.

Is clothe noun or verb?

Clothe is a verb but cloth is a noun.

What is the difference between egypts clothe and south African clothe?

Well, Egyptian cloth is made by Egyptians and is softer because it's made of camel and other dessert-animal fur. Also, it is manufactured. However, African cloth is made by hand. It is silkier and weaved by the natives and residentials of Africa.

What is the noun form clothe?

The word clothe" is a verb; "cloth" or "clothing" are noun forms.

What is difference between cloth and plastic?

cloth is cloth and plastic is plastic

What is the noun form of the verb cloth?

The word 'cloth' is a noun, not a verb.The noun 'cloth' is a word for a woven or knitted material from which things are made; a word for a thing.The verb forms are: clothe, clothes, clothing, clothed.The noun forms of the verb to clothe are clothier, clothes, and the gerund, clothing.

What is the meaning of table clothe?

a cloth for covering a table, esp. at meals

How do you spell cloth in plural form?

The plural of a cloth or type of cloth is "cloths."The related words are the collective noun clothes and the verb to clothe.

What to substitute a cheese clothe with?

You could use any cloth with a fine mesh.

What is the past perfect tense of cloth?

Cloth is a noun and does not have tenses. Clothe is the verb form, and the past perfect tense is had clothed.

Where is cloth newspaper found?

in kuvet newspaer is published on clothe rather than papeer

What is the difference in meaning between cloth and a cloth?

Cloth is the abstract form of the noun. It can refer to any unknown quantity of cloth. A cloth must refer to a specific piece of cloth, such as a handkerchief or a dishtowel.

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