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In computer science and software engineering;Here is a quick overview of the three computing majors that our department offers. I teach primarily software engineering courses so it may be a bit biased.

1. Computer Science covers the core concepts and technologies involved with how to make a computer do something. Learning to program a computer by writing software is essential, and computer programming is used in most computer science courses. You will learn details about how computers and networks work, but with an emphasis on how software and programming languages work. You will learn how to make them do very sophisticated things (e.g. graphics, robotics, databases, operating systems). You will also learn about the theory behind how and why computers and software work. In your senior project, you will tackle a problem at the frontier of computer science. You may be building a new system, discovering better ways to design software, or developing new algorithms for projects in entirely different fields; it's up to you. Past student projects include: Video Games, computer modeling and animation tools, and a Linux driver for the Wii remote.

2. Computer Engineering teaches you how to design systems that include both computer hardware and software. You will take classes on how computer hardware works and how to build a computer. You'll take software classes with an emphasis on hardware-related software such as device drivers and operating systems. Computer engineering courses are taught by faculty from both the computer science and the electrical engineering departments. Working computer engineers design computers and the basic software that runs them, including both personal computers and the "embedded" computer systems that run cars, aircraft, videogames, etc.

3. Software Engineering focuses on how to design and build software in teams. You will take many of the same courses as you would in computer science, but you will take additional courses that teach you about topics like requirements engineering, software architecture, software testing, and software deployment. You will learn about working with people (communication, management, working with non-technical customers), processes for developing software, and how to measure and analyze the software product and the software process. The software engineering major requires that you take a three course (nine-month long) sequence called the software engineering capstone. The capstone courses are centered around a large project for an outside customer. In recent years we have built web applications for Intuit (makers of Quicken, QuickBooks, and TurboTax) and Amgen (a bio-engineering/pharmaceutical company). Students work in teams of four or five people to elicit and develop requirements for the system, design an architecture, build prototypes, implement the system, then deploy and maintain the system.


Computer Science- Computer science is becoming a rapidly growing discipline as the technological age advances. Computer scientists believe that computers are a fundamental part of the world and that an age will come when everybody has several computers. It is a more complex field than simply building computers or writing programs. Computer scientists study problems to determine if they can be computed, compare algorithms to decide on the best solution, create programming languages to express these algorithms, design and build computer systems to execute specifications from research, and apply algorithms to application domains, or sets of software systems that share design features.

Software Engineering- Software engineering is the computer science discipline concerned with developing large applications. Software engineering covers not only the technical aspects of building software systems, but also management issues, such as directing programming teams, scheduling, and budgeting.

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Q: What is the difference between computer science and software engineering?
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The difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

computer science and computer engineering mostly overlap each other. The basic difference is that computer science mostly deals with computer software and computer engineering mostly deals with computer hardware.

Difference between software engineering and programing?

Software engineering is a process of designing and writing software. This includes the process of programming, which is the act of creating computer programs (software).

What is the difference between ece and computer science engineering?

Computer Science = software ECE = hardware + software + telecommunication

What is the difference between software engineering and web engineering?

Software Engineers Create Software (Laymen's Terms: Programs On your Personal Computer) Web Engineers Create Websites.

What is the difference between Information systems engineering and software engineering?

There is no difference between them, they are the same.

'What is the difference between computer science and information technology Is Electronics and communication engineering is better than computer science?

look..... computer science includes software and hardware engineering both while information technology is all about the software's.

What is the similarities between computer engineering and software engineering?

Computer Engineering students study the design of digital hardware and software systems including communications systems, other computer applications, Software engineering is a sub part of computer engineering.

What is the difference between software engineering and engineering software?

software engineering means the study of software and engineering software means the software engineers use in the their project....

What is the difference between software engineering and hardware engineering?

Software is program which computer language only computer can understand. Hardware is external devices which fully depend on software instruction and produce effective out come.

What is the difference between btech in computer engineering and btech in information technology?

btech engineering is relates to its all parts and fields as-software and harware all . And comp. with IT is complete software field. computer engineering to be a perfect engineer perfect in every field of it.

Is there a difference between computer engineering and computer engineering technology If so what is it?

Computer engineering technology is the product and concepts that is used in computer engineering.

What is the difference between information communication technology and telecommunication engineering?

Telecommunication engineering deals with the light current while information technology deals with the computer software.

What is the difference between software engineering and software system engineering?

Software engineering is a branch to make software this is a continuous task while software system is a product which is make by the software engieering.

What is the difference between software and software engineering?

A software engineer creates software through the practice of software engineering. Software is the product; software engineering is the process to create the product.

What is diff between computer engineering and computers science engineering?

Computer engineering focuses on computers hardware, similar to electrical engineering, but Computer Science Engineering focuses on the software of computer, ie computer programing.

What is the difference between software engineering and networking engineering?

There is a big difference. A software engineer will deal only with the machine language withing a computer network. Networkingengineer is an HARDWARE engineer he will apply the software written language to make sure that the network hardware can follow the written machine language

What is the difference between software engineering and other traditional engineering discipline?


Uses of computer in computer engineering?

Like many engineering classes require, computer engineering should be taking with prerequisites of electrical engineering. Computers in this field are used for the curriculum. The difference between computer engineering and computer science is that computer engineering deals with the hardware of a computer, or all the things you can see when you open a computer up, like the motherboard or hardrive. comp science deals with the software such as programs like Microsoft word for example

Difference between current and traditional software engineering?

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What is the difference between modality and cardinality in software engineering?

ewan q

What is the difference between a Software engineer and Computer Software engineer?

There is no difference at all between the terms.

Difference between information technology and computer science engineering?

In Information technology, you're generally working setting up networks, software, and repairing things. In Computer Science Engineering, you'd be designing and creating the next step in Computer technology.

What is the comparism between computer science and computer Engineering?

Computer science involves studying expressions, structures and feasibility. Computer Engineering has software and hardware. The hardware aspect focuses on the physical hardware of the computer. While the software aspect focuses on the system software. Ê

What is the difference between classical architecture and software architecture?

Classical architecture is usually called on Greek and Roman architecture, describing an ancient era of architecture. Software architecture has nothing to do with buildingsm it is computer systems engineering.

What is the difference between unified modeling language and software engineering?

UML is one of many software engineering tools used to help understand an application and design software for it.