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Q: What is the difference between concealed and something invisible?
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What is the difference between the words conceited and concealed?

conceited means: one who thinks they are better than everybody else; one who thinks highly of him/herself. concealed means: to hide something.

What is difference between visible and invisible?

The only difference is visible means that an object can be seen. Invisible means that it cannot be seen.

What is the difference between imported and exported?

Import is in Export is out.

What is the difference between invincible and invisible?

Type your answer here... invincible is when you cant get hurt and invisible is when noone can see you

What is the difference between visible and invisible culture?

m invisible means you can't see it and visible means you can

What is the difference between visble and invisible spectrum?

The spectrum that our eye had receptor is visible and the invisible is just purely out of our receptor range.

What is the difference between invisible and visible contamination?

hello cheeseburger oh hi ham!!

Is there a difference between the helm of darkness and the realm of darkness?

Yes, the Helm of Darkness is something that Hades, the god of the Underworld, wears to make himself invisible. The Realm of Darkness is the Underworld itself.

What is the difference between transparent and invisible?

Transparent you can see through, so this could be coloured plastic or coloured glass which you can see through. Invisible is not visible to the eye.

What is the difference between can and cannot?

The difference between can and cannot is that when you can do something, you are allowed to and may continue doing it but when you cannot do something it is the oppistie so you can not do something.

What is the difference between micro organisms and organisms?

micro organisms are very tiny, invisible to the naked eye

What is Difference between track and sector?

track is a invisible circle on hard disk.and sectors are the segments of these circles.