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What is the difference between cost and list price?


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whats the difference between cost and list?


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A blind discount is defined as the difference in cost between the listed cash price for equipment and the reduced financed amount. It can also be the difference between the list price of a ca and a lower interest rate.

What is the difference between a list and an outlin?

A price list shows definitive prices. A quote is an estimate of what the costs will be. Many people give quotes when there are a lot of cost variables.

Difference between arrays and linked list?

what is the difference between a linear linked list and a circular linked list?

catalogue is printing in attractive colour and with pictures sometimes price list is the only list of price and its model Rejiraman

compare difference between static and dynamic implementation of linked list.

The projected cost of the A350, scheduled to enter service in 2013, is between $208.7m and $269.6m (US Dollars).

List Price: $8.99 Online Price: $8.81

the different between in-text citation and reference list

Demand schedule: a list of demand/price equivalencies. It can best be seen as a table with discrete points. Demand function: a continuous function of price-demand interaction. Main difference: schedule is discrete; function is continuous.

A new replacement battery for a 2003 Mercedes-Benz C240 costs between $128.34 and $173.26. The price of $173.26 is the list price.

The list price of the Porsche Boxster S has a value between å£48,000 and $60,000 and for the used list price of a Porsche Boxster S located within the USA is at $50,498.

There is no list price, as it hasn't been made available for export. The aircraft cost around $150 million per unit.

In a statute, what is the difference between the words 'means' and 'includes' when heading a list?

Suggested list or MSRP (manufactures suggested retail price) is the price the manufactures set to allow consistent pricing from dealer to dealer. However the dealer can set his on price higher or lower than the suggested price. The list price also allows dealers to make a suitable profit over their cost.

The range is the difference between the greatest and least numbers.

The difference between a bibliography and a reference list is in a bibliography, all the works that is accessed in the course of the research is needed to list down regardless of whether they are cited within the paper or not. On the contrary, a reference list only contains the list of sources that were mentioned in the paper.

The list price is $150 per kilogram; 15 cents per gram

List price as of Dec 16, 2009: USD 763.

It depends on the density & length. The company will usually have a price list.

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