What is the difference between county and state roads?

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United States
You have asked a somewhat complicated question and the answer is not exactly the same in every state. Some states have counties that maintain a strong county government. The county government is carried out by one or more county commissioners. County roads are built, improved and maintained by the county highway department. County governments have been abolished in some areas and in that case control of the county roads would pass to the state administratively.

A second type of highway system in the U. S. is the state highway system of numbered roads. These roads are built, improved and maintained by the state highway department that is usually part of the state department of transportation.
Simply that county roads are maintained by the county and state are maintained by the state.
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What is the difference between a state and a nation?

A nation is a group of people who are bound together through history, culture, language, religion, customs, etc. A state is a portion of land with a sovereign government and laws.

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A state is usually a administrative unit carved out based on a number of qualities like culture, language etc or simply feasibility to govern/administer of a region of country. . Such regions put together make up a country. It may have diverse culture, language in states/region but the whole of ( Full Answer )

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A nation-state is a particular typology of state where political institutions are made for, used by, and maintained by a particular 'nation', or group of people with common political aspirations and usually sharing a common biological or cultural background.

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The difference between a county and a state is a politicaldivision of a state, and provides certain local governmentalservices. A state is a territory considered as an organizedpolitical community under one government.

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Roads are used in naberhoods, and highways are used for commute. Highways are used to really just get you from point A to point B in a fast time. Roads are really just used to get to a house or building.\n. \n http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Road | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highway

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A street is generally found in cities. Roads are generally found running through rural areas. But there are some roads found within cities, so it all depends on what the people want to call them when they are built.

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a Parish is a ecclesiastical subdivision of a county, it is a district assigned to a particular church, a parish council is a body administering local affairs. A County is an administration division of a country

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The State - an association defined by its territory, population, government and sovereignty. The State function - the set of purposes of the state which are legislative, executive, judiciary and external participation in international affairs.

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In England we have roads, streets, terraces all as a description of a thoroughfare however the term terrace has an additional meaning of a row of houses built without any dividing spaces, this is a terrace of houses. hope this helps. Doug Geater Childs

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The word state relates to a condition or a way or a pattern of being. It is a unified structure which exists to live, grow and develop. In politics a state can be defined as the union of many Provinces with governing body, legislative body and administrative body with all its citizens of a definite ( Full Answer )

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Different countries may define these terms in different ways. However, in the UK, a county is one of the chief administration districts of the country. A Borough is an urban community within a county. A town represented by a Member of Parliament.

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A state describes the organisation that actually holds power within a geographic region; a regime describes the system of rules it erects to maintain and distribute that power.

What is the difference between all county orchestra and all state orchestra?

The best players in a county get into the "All County" orchestra. But there are many counties in a state, hence a much bigger talent pool. So in theory, the All State orchestra will be overall better players. To put it another way: To get into All County, you have to be good. To get in to all state, ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a street and a road?

In general there is no difference between a street and a road. Having the two terms permits the same town to have and Elm Street and an Elm Road without confusion. In some places a street may be something expected to have less traffic than a road, but in others it can be just the opposite.

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A state is the geographical location of a country. A nation is a group of people who feel a connection through their common history, language, culture, values etc. All countries are states, but few of them are nations. Countries are always aiming to become a "nation-state", that is, have their own g ( Full Answer )

What is differences between rural and urban roads?

rural roads are out in the middle of no where (like a desert, field, woods, etc.) and sometimes are made of cement. Urban roads are found in cities and towns and are almost always made of cement. Hopes this helps!!

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A street is normally a paved surface in a city allowing for the passage of vehicles and pedestrians. A road is essentially the same thing except they tend to be found in the countryside. An intersection is the spot where two or more roads or streets meet each other.

What is the difference between a road map and an atlas?

A road map is a map of a certain area zoomed in for direction purposes. An atlas is a book of maps that are zoomed out for locationional purposes. Ex: You would use a road map to find 1234 Smith Street, you would use an atlas to find where Barcelona is.

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In practice there is very little difference between a road and a drive. The terms do have different histories, however. Roads were built long ago by the Roman Empire to make it easier to move their armies around as needed, and generally people walked on those roads. Driving also existed, even then, ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between highways and national roads?

The two types of road are national highways and state highways. National highways go anywhere and are owned and maintained by the government of the country (such as the Interstate in the USA). State highways are roads contained within a single state. The state government is responsible for maintenan ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a County and a Region?

A region is a non-specific area defined by landforms, climate, ordemographics. A county is a legally-defined governmental subdivision of a state,which is usually much smaller than a region, and can contain one ormore municipalities (villages, towns, cities).