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the addendum is the top most dia in the component where as the dedendum is the least dia

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Q: What is the difference between dedendum and addendum?
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What is the difference between an attachment to a contract and an addendum to a contract?

Addendum's are often added to contracts in order to add or make changes to the contract. Attachments on a contract are often found in e-mails.

What is the difference between addendum and appendix and annex?

All have basically the same meaning, with the proviso that annexe can also mean an addition to a building.

What is the difference between addendum and annex?

An addendum is something that has been added to a document by the author as a required addition after its publication or printing whereas an annex that is placed at the end of a document, often along with an appendix, and usually contains stand-alone tables, large texts and other information.

What part of speech is addendum?

Addendum is a noun.

What is the singular form for addendum?

Addendum is the singular. The plural is addenda.

Is a mold addendum standard?

It is common to see this type of addendum in today

What is plural to addendum?

The plural form of addendum is addenda

When was Paradox Addendum created?

Paradox Addendum was created on 2000-11-21.

Is addendum singular or plural?

Addendum is singular. Addenda or addendums is plural.

When was Undisclosed Files Addendum created?

Undisclosed Files Addendum was created on 1995-02-27.

What is the difference between land rover series 2 2a and series 3 gearboxes?

series 3 gearboxes have synchromesh on 1st and 2nd Addendum: Synchromesh meaning you don't have to double-clutch them like the earlier gearboxes. they are also a stronger transmission.

Is an addendum in a letter to be placed above or below the signature line?

An addendum is very similar to a P.S. in a letter. While a P.S. goes after the signature however, an addendum comes before the signature.