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The difference is that the independent variable is the one being changed (manipulated), dependent is not.

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The manipulated/independent variable is a variable that changes and it is what the responding/dependent variable change because of the manipulated variable.

well a independent variable is usually the one that is manipulated and is the x axis while the dependent is the one that depends on the independent and is the responding variable and the x-axis!A little saying i use is dry mix/dependent,responding,y axis/manipulated variable,independent,x axis.tale the first letter of all of that and you get dry mix.

for responding varible the same thing is a dependent varible for manipulated varible the same thing is independent varible

The independent variable is the variable that is manipulated. This affects the dependent variable and the results of the experiment.

Dry Mix stands for Dependent Responding Y-axis and Manipulated Independent X-axis.

REMEMBER:ReaDY helps me every time... MIX stands for Manipulated Independent the answer would be:Independent....hope this helps!:D Actually since the manipulated variable is independent the the factor that would change would be the responding variable which is the dependent variable so the answer would be: Dependent or Responding Variable

Dependent variable Responding variable Y axis Manipulated variable Independent variable X axis,

A dependent (responding) variable is a condition that can change as the result of an independent variable's alteration. It can also be referred to as an effect. Every well-designed experiment has three kinds of variables. 1) Control variables, which are the same for each stage of the experiment. 2) Independent (manipulated) variables, which represent what is being changed by experimenters. 3) Dependent (responding) variables, which respond to the change and ideally are the direct result of the change in the independent (manipulated) variables.

dependent variable; this is the factor in a experiment that when manipulated by independent variables it changes. it is also known as a controlled variable independent variables or manipulated variable; the factor in a experiment that is deliberately manipulated responding variable; the factor you have to measure to get the results or you will not know the value of the variable

In any science investigation you have independent (also called manipulated) variables and dependent (also called responding) variables. If you use a certain independent variable, then you will get a certain dependent variable. Consider throwing a ball into the air. How high the ball goes is a dependent variable. What does it depend on? It depends on the independent variables like how hard you throw, how heavy the ball is, how big the ball is, etc.

It means the factor that changes as a result of changes to the manipulated, or independent, variable in an experiment; also called dependent variable.

the independent variable that changes the dependent variable. the dependent variable is what you are changing

A manipulative variable is the variable you can alter, while the responding variable is the variable you have no control over. A manipulated variable is what is changed purposely throughout the experiment. The responding variable is which you have to measure to get your results I think. But the responding variable depends on the dependent variable. I believe I'm right!

The independent variable is the value being manipulated or changed, while the dependent variable is the observed result of the independent variable being manipulated. "IF" you change the independent variable, "THEN" what happens to the dependent variable?

It is called the dependent variable because it depends on what the independent variable is doing.

The dependent variable changes as a result of changes in the independent variable.Put another way,The Independent Variable is manipulated, and is known as the changed variable.The Dependent Variable is responding, and is known as the result.Example : In an experiment to test the effect of heating on evaporation, the various temperatures would be the independent variable, which will be changed by the experimenter. The amount of water that evaporates in a given time is the dependent variable, which is the data sought in the experiment.

The independent variable is what you did differently in the experiment compared to the controlled experiment; it's also called manipulated variable. The dependent variable is what changed in the experiment as a result of the independent variable; it's also called the responding variable x hope this helps :)

No. A manipulated variable is the same as an independent variable.

The Independent Variable, in an experiment, is the variable that is being manipulated and the Dependent Variable is what will be affected.

yes it is... the responding variable responds to the independent variable....

The Independent Variable is the variable being manipulated. The dependent variable is what your trying to get a conclusion of.

In an experiment, the independent variable is the variable that can be altered or controlled to produce a change. The result being studied is the dependent variable, which is observed to change as the independent variable is changed.Example : In an experiment testing the effect of caffeine on reaction times, the amount of caffeine consumed is the independent variable and can be varied. The reaction times are the dependent variable, and a correlation (change in times) with the independent (amount given) is the information being sought.There are three kinds of variables. These are:Independent variable: is not affected by any effects in the experimentDependent variable: its reaction does depend on other variablesControlled variable: variable that you can control throughout the entire experimentTo put it simply, the independent variable tries to manipulate the dependent variable in an experiment.The independent variable (manipulated variable) is a variable that is changed by the experimenter. The dependent variable (responding variable) is what you are trying to determine in an experiment. My 6th grade science teacher taught us a poemThe manipulated is what you control the responding variable is your ultimate goal.

The dependent (or responding) variable is the one that is observed and likely changes in response to the independent variable.

In an experiment, the independent and dependent variables are very closely related. The independent variable is the element that is manipulated, and the dependent variable changes depending on what is done to the independent variable.