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Arkansas Circuit Courts have jurisdiction over civil cases with claims over $100. District Courts handle all civil cases with claims of $100 or less, and don't handle civil cases with claims over $25,000. For civil cases with claims between $100 and $25,000, both courts share jurisdiction. How they split them up varies from county to county.

For criminal cases, Circuit Courts hear most felonies and some misdemeanors while District Courts hear most misdemeanors. Circuit Courts can refer criminal cases to District Court, but not vice versa. District Courts also handle traffic tickets and local ordinance violations.

Circuit Courts usually handle all domestic relations (divorce, custody, support, etc), juvenile, and probate cases. There are actually two types of District Courts: State District Courts and Local District Courts. If all parties consent, a Circuit Court may refer a civil, family, or probate case to a State District Court but not to a Local District Court.

The related link below has more details about Arkansas courts and the types of cases they handle, as well as contact information and resources for courts in each county.

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Q: What is the difference between district court and circuit court in the state of Arkansas?
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