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What is the difference between eftpos and epos?


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EFTPOS can accept credit cards, EPOS only cash


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Actually there is no difference. Hahahah!

eftpos is like direct debit, youre using your own money that exists in your account where as credit is a payment put through pending you are borrowing it from the bank and it gets approved.

boohoo EPOS has no advantages.

Some of the dissadvantage of using EFTPOS are Its not practical for small items Both the buyer and the seller have to py charges for using EFTPOS

EFTPOS was introduced through petrol stations in a pilot program in 1985

New Zealand first started to use EFTPOS was in 1981

Epos - library ship - was created in 1959.

It can be very expensive to buy its price could range from between £1299.00 - £3000.00. If an epos system is not frequently updated it could suffer from memory loss, have dlayed reactions and incorrect sale calculations.

EFTPOS stands for Electronics Funds Transfer at Point of Sale. Its basically a retail till with the ability to accept credit and debit card transactions

EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) helps you to process your most popular products from warehouse to point of sale in the shortest time.

What does EFTPOS stand for?Enviromental Feet Tall Postional On top of Statues If you are wanting to know what EFTPOS stands for it is Electronic Funds Transfer Point Of Sale.Actually it is Electronic Funds Transfer AT Point Of SaleJames plays with these machines along side cod!

EPOS... or to give it it's full name - EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer Point Of Sale). It's main use is in shops, banks, and petrol stations. It's a cash register that is linked to the national banking network. As well as taking cash, it has a small terminal that the customer inserts their credit or debit card into. The customer verifies the amount of the transaction - then enters their PIN. If the PIN is correct - and there are sufficient funds in the linked bank account - the transaction is processed - and the account debited with the amount.

electronic point of sale

They can freeze and then need fixing

electronic price of sale

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Nope, paypal, and paypal only.

They are suited to the Point of Sales environment

Yes, and big fat old dudes. ;)

EPOS stands for electronic point of sales. It is a technology that allows a business (retails store, etc.) to efficiently records the sales of good and purchases of customers.

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Just the word by itself? Epos.

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