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entrepreneur is starting a business while intraprenuer is developing a new product in an already existing business.

An entrepreneur takes substantial risk in being the owner and operator of a business with expectations of financial profit and other rewards that the business may generate. On the contrary, an intrapreneur is an individual employed by an organization for remuneration, which is based on the financial success of the unit he is responsible for. Intrapreneurs share the same traits as entrepreneurs such as conviction, zeal and insight. As the intrapreneur continues to expresses his ideas vigorously, it will reveal the gap between the philosophy of the organization and the employee. If the organization supports him in pursuing his ideas, he succeeds. If not, he is likely to leave the organization and set up his own business.


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What is the difference between entreprenuer and intraprenuer?

Entreprenuers are cooler.

What is the difference between a commercial entrepreneur and a social entrepreneur?

what is the difference between a comercial entrepreneur and social entrepreneur

What is the difference between indigenous entrepreneur and exotic entrepreneur?

I have no answer for this

What is the difference between entrepreneur and an employer?

The difference between the two is a entrepreneur is the owner of a company, and a employer is working for someone. Entrepreneur is the launcher, organisor and owner of a company.

What is the difference between an entrepreneur and an employee?

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What is the difference between entrepreneurship an entrepreneur?

The difference between entrepreneurship and an entrepreneur is Entrepreneurship is the process of managing business with expectation of profit making.

What is the difference between entrepreneur and an entreprenuership?

An entrepreneur is the actor, or the person who has the virtue of entrepreneurship, whereas entreprenuership is the practice of being an entrepreneur.

What is the Different between male entrepreneur and female entrepreneur?

There is no difference between a male and a female entrepreneur. In fact, it doesn't matter what age, sex, race or religion anyone is.

What is the difference between an inventor and a entrepreneur?

An inventor makes new things and entrepreneur is someone who starts a business

What is the difference between an enterprise and entrepreneur?

One is a thing. One is a person.

What is the difference between an artist an inventor and an entrepreneur?

an artist does art and the others don't

Difference between businessman and entrepreneur?

There really isn't one. They both work and do business. :)

What is the difference between entrepreneur and survivalist?

Entrepreneur is the person carrying on the process or undergoing the job or work... Survivalist is the last man standing or those who withstands..

What is the difference between a capitalist and an entrepreneur?

A venture capitalist invests the money to fund the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is typically the person with the idea and the business plan, but they often don't have the money to start the business to carry out their idea.

What is the Difference between female entrepreneur and male entrepreneur?

There is no difference, I have over 30 years under my belt as a successful entrepreneur and have seen just as many successful female as males. The real question should be what is the difference between successful and non- successful entrepreneurs. Then the list starts such as 100% drive and motivation to succeed no matter what. The people that sit around and wait for things to happen will be waiting forever.

What is the difference between entrepreneur and ceo?

Entrepreneur is a person that creates new ventures and is his or her own boss. A CEO is an executive employee of a company, that oversees the whole business machine.

What is the difference between a social entrepreneur and a regular entrepreneur?

A regular entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take risks to make a new venture for profit.. while a social entrepreneur has that in mind, but what makes him or her different is that he/she has a vision to make this venture not only a profitable one, but a venture that can help society for the good.

What is the difference between enterepreneur and enterapreneur?

The correct spelling is entrepreneur. Neither of the two words you asked about are spelled correctly.

What is the different between entrepreneur and entrepreneurship?

An entrepreneur is a person. Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur. Joe is an entrepreneur. Joe's success is attributable to his entrepreneurship.

Briefly discuss Profit with the help of example?

The positive difference between revenues and cost is called profit and is claimed by the entrepreneur.

What is the difference between entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship?

The two words are exactly the same. An entrepreneur is somebody who shows entrepreneurship by creating offerings for a marketplace. A successful entrepreneur runs a profitable business where profits exceed the costs of running the business.

What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a sole proprietorship?

Entrepreneur is an innovator, someone who creates a new company/business/corporation. Proprietor is the person who owns the company on his/her own. All the shares, liabilities, equities, and assets belong to one person - proprietor. Following this logic, I suppose that Entrepreneur can be a Proprietor and vice versa. Entrepreneur can also own a corporation that does not only belong to him/her.

What is the different between entrepreneur and entrapreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who operates their own business. An entrepreneur is a manager that promotes the company's products to other businesses.

What is the difference between enterprises and entrepreneur?

An entrepeneur is a person with good ideas for creating businesses. Enterprises are their ideas put into action and the businesses that result out of them.

What is the relationship between entrepreneurship and management?

relationship between entrepreneur and management

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