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What is the difference between evening and night?

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Night is when the sun is down and it is dark.

Evening is after the day's work is done (for those who work a standard day shift of 8-10 hours or so) often after the last meal of the day, and until about time to go to sleep.

Some of the evening can be during daylight, depending on where you live. Some of the night can be well after the evening has ended. So part of the night is during the evening, and part of the evening is at night, but they are not identical.

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Good evening is between 4PM and 7PM. Good night is from 7PM until Midnight when it becomes good morning.

you should say "good evening" when you arrive somewhere and you say "good night" to go out.

Evening is singular and evenings is plural.

Evening immediately follows afternoon; there is no time between them.

About the same time as someone realized the difference from FICTION to REALITY

Twilight is the half-light in the evening between day and night. Dawn is the half-light in the morning between night and day.

Times between 12:00 AM and sunrise are referred to as both late night and early morning, but not evening.

A typical evening temperature for crested geckos would range between 70-75F at night. During the winter months, it is acceptable to have evening temperatures ranging between 68-72 F.

Well, the difference between today and tonight is today is now in the daytime and tonight is this night, after dark.That is what the difference is between them.

The time difference between London and Ottawa is 5 hours. When it is 12 midnight in London, it is 7 in the evening in Ottawa.

Actually, Muslims are obligated to pray at least 5 times a day (Fajr - sunrise, Dhuhr - Midday, Asr - Afternoon, Maghrib - Evening and Isha' - Night).

Eg.There is a big difference between night and day / everyone dresses differently

last night, yesterday evening

That is the correct spelling of evening (late in the day, night).

"Night" can mean the night of any day. "Tonight" only refers to the present night of today.

Buenas tardes (good evening/afternoon), Buenas noches (good night).

One is for daylight conditions and one is for evening/nighttime conditions.

from what i understand the seat on a evening saddle is deeper than a jumping saddle and the back of a evening saddle is not as flat as a jumping saddle.

When does night begin and end : Evening 5.01pm- 10.00pm Explanation : Afternoon 12.00noon- 5.00pm Night 10.01pm- 4.59am

You can find a Shark in the months: June, July, August and September. In June you'll find it at morning, evening and night. In July you'll find it at morning, evening and night. In August you'll find it at morning, evening and night. In September you'll find it at morning, evening and night.

'Around six' can be before six and can be after six and can be at six o'clock sharp.'At about six' is at six o'clock but is not so sure about it.

Last Evening and Yesterday Night

Evening is another word for night.

Evening or night time prayers are called Compline.

cat are nomally active in evening because they sleep in the night

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