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What is the difference between eye irritation from blepharitis vs an allergic reaction?


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The irritation from an allergic reaction will probably go away once the source of the allergy has been removed. This may not be the case with blepharitus. Some one may know better but this answer is better than the rubbish answer I deleted.


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I think allergic reactions can affect the entire body, while irritations just occur in one spot. Sorry not a doctor

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Hives Is Caused By A Allergic Reaction & Chicken Pox Is Caused By Another Human Which Causes Bad Irritation .

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Treatment for spermicide irritation would be to use an antihistaminic medication. Spermicide irritation could be caused because of an allergic reaction.

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pink eye is contagious but an allergic reaction is not

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Itching is a symptom and can have many causes, but is usually the result of an irritation or allergic reaction.

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