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What is the difference between face amount and cash value?

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The face value is what your beneficiaries will collect. The cash value is the excess of your premium payments over the cost of the insurance. Click here for more about life insurance cash value.

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What is the difference between a cash discount and a trade discount?

a cash is an amount deducted from the value of an item at time of purchase, while a trade discount is the deducted from purchase amount for an item of placed value surrendered at time of purchase.

What is the difference between the net present value and the discounted cash flow method?

cash method is when you get cash, method is when u give it

What is the difference between face value and cash surrender value of life insurance?

Face value typically refers to the death benefit of the policy (i.e. how much your family would receive if you were to die). Cash surrender value is the amount of money that has accumulated (tax deferred) inside the policy and is the amount of money the owner would receive (before taxes) if s/he were to cancel the policy. Cash surrender value is different from plain old "cash value" or "accumulated value" in that most insurance policies have surrender charges for 10 to 20 years that reduce the total "cash value" or "accumulated value" down to the cash SURRENDER value.

The difference between the amount of cash on the firm's books and the amount credited to it by the bank is?

The amount of cash liquidates possessed by a firm are its assets. The amount of credit lines extended to (and available) by a firm are considered liabilities.

What is the difference between cash and price?

Price is the amount consumers pay to acquire a good or service whereas cost is the amount used to produce a service or good. Cash is the money in your pocket.

What is the difference between ATM fast cash and withdrawal?

Fast cash is getting money for a specified amount under options 20, 60 , 100, 500, whereas Withdrawal is entering a specified amount for which you receive cash.

Difference between present value and net present value?

Present value is the result of discounting future amounts to the present. For example, a cash amount of $10,000 received at the end of 5 years will have a present value of $6,210 if the future amount is discounted at 10% compounded annually.Net present value is the present value of the cash inflows minus the present value of the cash outflows. For example, let's assume that an investment of $5,000 today will result in one cash receipt of $10,000 at the end of 5 years. If the investor requires a 10% annual return compounded annually, the net present value of the investment is $1,210. This is the result of the present value of the cash inflow $6,210 (from above) minus the present value of the $5,000 cash outflow. (Since the $5,000 cash outflow occurred at the present time, its present value is $5,000.)

What is a differential cash flow?

Differential cash is the difference in cash due between selecting between different alternative options or projects.

If you cash out a permanent life insurance policy what amount do you get net cash value or total coverage amount?


In what states can Walmart gift cards be redeemed for their cash value?

None.Gift cards are for purchases only in some instances cash will be given if there is a difference between the merchandize purchased and the amount left on the card.Read the back of the gift card for specific details.

Explain the difference between a cash and credit transaction for purchass and sales?

explain the difference between cash and credit transaction

What profit is the difference between the incoming cash and outgoing cash?

cash balancing

What is the difference between pay cash and pay in cash?


What is the difference between variable life insurance and universal life?

Nothing is the difference. Universal Life can be fixed or variable. Variable simply means that the cash value is invested in stocks or mutual funds to create a fast (sometimes slower) cash value. With a fixed Universal Life product, the cash value can be linked to an interest rate or an Index.

What is the difference between Net income and cash from operations?

Cash from operations is the amount of cash generated in specific period while net income has also included all non-cash items as well like depreciation.

What is Difference between cash receipts and cash payments?

the second word. here we differ these term by debit and credit when cash receipt then amount field is +ve as on debit and in cash payment it will be -ve as on credit and reverse for opposite .

What is an indexed life insurance policy?

if you have to paid indexation amount your cash value increase and amount,allocate and your indexation. but what is the differences between indexation or non indexation so simply answer indexation is not your fixed premium amount because the amount is fluctuation at your maturity you premium amount change your cash value change because non indexation is a fixed premium amount they can not be change design your plane after your maturity.

How do you prove cash in accounting?

to prove cash you look at the amount of money you have and accounting books. if the value is equal then you have proved cash

Can a growing difference between net income and cash flow from operations be because of manipulation by management?

Growing difference between net income and cash flow from operations is due to growing amount of non cash items in income statement like depreciation, amortizations, loss on disposal or gain on disposal of asset etc.

Difference between petty cash and main cash book?

cash book is the statement which contain's the total cash information . the information includes "cash in hand & cash at bank" petty cash book is maintain by company to meet their daily expenditure

If your face amount is 150000 what is your cash value?

You can't tell from Face amount. Check the policy for the cash value schedule. The Insurance Company should send you an annual statement. Call the company.

On credit card what is difference between initial credit line and partial line amount?

According to Citi, the partial line amount is the available cash advance amount, and the credit line is the limit on the account

What is a blind discount?

A blind discount is defined as the difference in cost between the listed cash price for equipment and the reduced financed amount. It can also be the difference between the list price of a ca and a lower interest rate.

What is the difference between CRR and SLR?

CRR stands for Cash Reserve Ratio - The amount of money each bank has to maintain as deposits with the central bank SLR - Statutory Liquidity Ratio - The amount of money each bank has to maintain as liquid cash to meet its daily cash requirements.

What is the difference between Cash and cash equivalents and Cash provided by operating activities?

Difference between cash and cash equivalent is that cash equivalent is not cash like other cash but it is so liquid that it can be converted to cash immediately when required like marketable securities while cash provided from operating activities means cash generated by selling goods to customers.