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The difference between formal and informal diction is the words that you use. Formal diction is official, business type, and appropriate wording. Informal diction is casual wording.

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There is no formal slang. Slang is informal language.

Formal is polite, informal is rude and obnoxious.

The difference between formal and informal speech is formal is serious. Informal speech isn't serious and is more of the way you'd speak in a conversation with someone.

Informal email is that you have to reply informal while formal letter is you reply formal

diction can be either, it is the manner in which the words are pronounced in accent and inflection. We are looking for good diction

The difference between formal groups and informal groups is in their organization. Formal groups have office bearers who are elected or appointed but informal groups are run haphazardly.

Formal is when a leader is elected and Informal is when a leader that steps up.

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The difference between formal and informal research is whether it is written or not. A formal research is a written report, while informal research does not require any written intent and can be done impromptu.

The difference betwen informal and formal theatre is the way you dress and who for. Informal theatre is to be casual while formal is suppose to be fancy. Informal could be in a small classroom while formal would be in a huge auditorium.

formal, means that something is fancy, informal is the exact opposite its IN- formal basically NOT fancy.

The wording of the announcement would be the biggest difference between an informal and a formal announcement. An informal announcement doesn't have to be as proper and politically correct as a formal announcement would need to be.

informal is where you interact informal and stuff and i fink formal is where u do something formal, im like eric einstien theres ur answer.

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