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Verilog HDL / VHDL is a hardware description language used to implement a hardware on a computer virtually. It means that we can append all the attributes of a hardware to a computer program and verify as to how it works. But there may be differences in its behavior when it is actually implemented physically. For example, there may be an unexpected time delay. So, it is required to verify the design physically. Hence, we dump this Verilog / VHDL code into an FPGA / CPLD and verify the design physically.

In other words, Verilog HDL / VHDL program is used to verify the design on a computer where as FPGA / CPLD implementation is used to verify the design on an IC.

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Q: What is the difference between fpga implementation and verilog implementation?
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What is the difference between fpga mplementation and verilog hdl implementation?

HDL means hardware description language. These are the computer programming languages used to describe hardware. By doing so one can virtually realize hardware and test it. Verilog HDL is one of several hardware description languages available.

You want a verilog code for real time clock to implement it on FPGA?


What is the main difference between micro controller and fpga?

micro controller is software and fpga is hardware

What is the difference between FPGA and PSOC?

PSoC devices are more user friendly than FPGA, But PSoC are limited in functionalities comparable to FPGA as FPGA can have any digital block but PSoC has some limited Digital blocks pre defined in the flash memory.FPGA requires VHDL and verilog to be programmed where as PSoC can be easily programmed just like any other ordinary microcontroller.PSoC surpassed the FPGA as PSoC now-a-days are containing almost all blocks that are usually needed and thus makes them more flexible than FPGA chips.

What are the difference between FPGA and DSP?

The major difference is that, a DSP is a chip which can be programmed based on our requirement, whereas an FPGA can be programmed to design a chip for our own purpose. FPGA can also be reprogrammed based on the changes in our application.

What is difference between fpga and microprocessor?

Now FPGAs are having builtin processor like PPC and more either in hardcore or softcore. Main difference between processor and FPGA is execution Processor is sequencial execution but FPGAs are concurrent so speed of FPGA is much higher than a high speed processor.

What is the difference between plc and fpga?

fpga and plc are two completely different things. FPGA( field programmable gate arrays) are building blocks of electronic sysytem where as plc are systems. Comparing these two is like comparing engine with car.

What is the difference between fpga and micro-controllers according to power consumption?

cannot say, too many variables.

Which is more better between FPGA and FPAA?

FPGA and FPAA are both very different in nature and APLLICATIONS also.

Is FPGA is used in mobiles?

Yes, FPGA is used in some ways in mobiles.

Which is faster fpga or cpld?

FPGA is sutiable for complicated arch than CPLD. CPLD is very tiny when compared to the logic of FPGA so CPLD is faster.

Why is FPGA called as field programmable?

fpga has fine grain architecture and it can be programmed easily at field