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Pay TV would be something like Dish Network, DirecTV, Cable TV. Free to air television are channels that are broadcast for free that you can pick up using a digital antennae. There are not that many free to air channels available, but there are a few.

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Free to Air Satellite TV is the system that the broadcaster willingly let you watch their programs free of charge. They are mainly educational, government, religion, commercial, trial and etc channels. Pay TV such as Bell Expressvu, Star Choice, Dish Network, Direct TV, pay per view, movie channel, 110, 121 are not Free to Air, users have to pay to view them. Source:



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Q: What is the difference between free to air tv FTA and pay TV?
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What is a FTA receiver used for?

An FTA Receiver, or Free-to-Air receiver is a satellite television receiver that people use to get free television programming. FTA receivers are not able to get all of the channels that a typical satellite TV company like DIRECTTV offers. Channels HBO, Showtime, and some sports packages, are solely subscription based and not offered through FTA receivers. Channels ABC, NBC can however, be watched using an FTA receiver. FTA receivers are best used in more urban areas.

What is the purpose of FTA files?

FTA is an acronym that stands for free-to-air. It is a filetype used to program satellite receivers to obtain unencrypted signals. There are currently over 3,000 FTA television and radio channels worldwide.

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FTA stands for free to air. These receivers are used for watching satellite TV. In the United Kingdom, these can be purchased from Amazon or from Maplin.

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