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What is the difference between geocentric and heliocentric theories?



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The Difference is that a heliocentric model says that the sun is in the center but not the exact center and all the other planets and the moon orbit the sun. But a geocentric model states that the earth was in the center and that the sun moon and stars all went around earth. That is the difference.


Also, All the planets revolve around the sun.

Stars are very much farther away than the Sun.

Any motion of the stars is a result of the Earth's rotation.

Any movement of the Sun is due to Earth's rotation and revolution about the sun.

The heliocentric model were ellipses NOT circular orbits.


Epicycles added to epicycles.

Precision timing for Venus and Mercury.

Earth placed "off" center.

The Earth is located at the center of the universe and all the planets revolve around the Earth.