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What is the difference between gross and net pay known as?


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It is known as deductions.


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difference between gross irrigated area and net irrigated area

Gross margin (also known as gross profit) is the difference between Net sales and Cost of goods sold: Net sales - Cost of goods sold = Gross margin Therefore, if you know Gross margin, add it to Cost of goods sold to get Net sales.

As far as my knowledge goes, the difference between net and gross values is that the gross value is the value before deductions, while net is basically after deductions from your gross value. Hope it helps!

Gross pay is a persons pay that is including overtime, allowances and bonuses. Net pay is when it is totaled together and subtracting the gross pay from it.

Gross margin is Gross income as a percentage of revenue. Net Margin is net income as a percentage of revenue.

The difference between net price and gross price is that gross price refers to the total cost while net price refers to the cost after deducting expenses. Expenses can be operating costs and such.

Gross profit is difference between revenues and direct expenses related to the product while net profit is the difference between gross profit and other operating indirect expenses.

The difference between gross pay and net pay is that gross pay is the amount that you receive before tax deductions and pay net is the money you take home after all the tax deductions

It is taxes and benefits.Gross pay - taxes + benefits = net pay.

What is the difference in Net and gross pricing in construction?

A net ton is 2000 pounds. A gross ton is the weight of freight and the container that it is in.

The difference between a gross and net withdrawal from a fund has to do with how much money you will receive. The gross withdrawal is the amount taken out of your fund which includes fees that you will not get to keep, the net withdrawal is the amount you receive after the bank's fees and any others are taken out.

1. Net sales - cost of goods sold = Gross profit Gross profit / Net sales = Gross profit ratio

Look it up..... You have to read something in order to answer something... Duuhhh.... But its gross pay is net pay minus deductions.

Gross working capital is the amount company invested in current assets while net working capital is the difference between current assets and current liabilities.

Gross income is the difference between revenue and direct expenses while net income is the income from all activities of business whether oprating activities or other activities.

Gross pay is the number of hours times base hourly rate. Net is what is left after Insurance, FICA, Fed and State deductions. In other words, Gross is what you make, Net, is what you spend.

gross is the money you get paid before the government takes part of it. net is the amount you actually take home to spend.

Gross is the total amount and net is the amount divided by their working interest. Example, company drills 10 wells but have 50% working interest, their net would be 5 (gross wells 10, net wells 5).

Gross Profit = Sales - Cost of Sales and Direct cost Net Profit = G.P - Indirect Expenses By Cyril Joseph

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