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gumamela flower , part of the hibiscious family, sampaguita is in the jasmine family

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Q: What is the difference between gumamela flower and sampaguita flower?
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Can you give me many example of complete flower?


What are the parts of sampaguita flower?


How many parts of the gumamela?

in gumamela flower in part are 6 parts of gumamela flower

Why sampaguita as scent?

because sampaguita is sweetly scented tropical flower and besides sampaguita is the national flower of the Philippines and Indonesia.

What is the English of gumamela?

gumamela flower

Gumamela is a complete flower or incomplete?

yes gumamela is a complete flower.

Does the stigma stickier in the withered gumamela flower than in the fresh one?

Which gumamela flower does the stigma feel sticky in a bud and in a withered oneDoes the stigma feel sticky in the fresh gumamela flowerCan a gumamela pollen be transferred to the stigma of another kind of flowerWhat is the function of stigma in reproductive process of gumamela flowerHow many ovary in one gumamela flowerHow many stigma in gumamelaHow many stigma are there in gumAMELAWhy the stigma of gumamela is stickySuggest one use of a stigma to a flowering plantStigma of a flower

What is the tagalog term of sampaguita?

Sampaguita is known as a national flower. This type of flower is sene in the Philippines.

How many compartment in gumamela flower?

the gumamela flower has only 2 compartments

How many compartments do you find in gumamela flower?

The gumamela flower has two compartment.

What is the smell of gumamela flower?

what is the smell of a gumamela

Is a sampaguita a complete flower or incomplete flower?

A complete flower has petals, sepals, stamens and pistols. Sampaguita flowers can not produce seeds so it is not a complete flower.

How many carpels does the ovary of gumamela flower have?

The gumamela or Rose of Sharon flower has one carpel.

Why is gumamela flower a regular flower?

Gumamela is considered as a regular flower because all the petals are of the same size and shape.

Importance of gumamela flower?

The importance of the Gumamela flower is that it is considered to have medicinal uses. The Gumamela flower is said to promote longevity. It also is used as an expectorant, diuretic, emollient, and anti-inflammatory.

Examle of complete flowers?

Gumamela flower... Flower in the Philippines... If you're finding an answer about 'A Flower which has a complete part'... Gumamela has a complete part...

How many compartments can be find in the parts of an ovary of flower gumamela?

Two compartments can be found in the gumamela flower.

Smell of sampaguita?

Fragrant flower

What flower symbolizes freedom?


What is a sampaguita flower?

Jasminum sambac

What is the flower of the Philippines?

Sampaguita or Jasminum sambac is the flower of the Philippines.

What is the scientific name of sampaguita flower?

The scientific name of the sampaguita flower is Jasminum sambac. It is a part of the kingdom plantae and the family Oleaceae.

What substance are in the sampaguita flower that can be made as perfume?

The essence of the Sampaguita flower consists of a sweet smell. It can be extracted by boiling it in distilled water.

What is the state flower of the Philippines?

Sampaguita is the national flower not the state flower of the Philippines.

What are the significance in the study of gumamela flower?

signicant of the study gumamela oinment

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