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Hibernation is when an animal which sleeps during the winter to the fact that there is no food. Aestivation is also when animals or plant sleep for a short time period. Migration is the movement of animals from one place to another, because of lack of food or the seasons.

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What is the difference between aestivation and hibernation in animals?

Spending winter in dormant condition is called hibernation. Spending the hot and dry period in an inactive state is known as aestivation.

What is the difference between aestivation and hibernation?

aestivation is a state of inactivity in (like dormancy in plants) whiles hibernation is the the process whereby animals in temperate or cold environments sleep for a long period of time.

What does it mean when a frog estivates?

Aestivation is a state of dormancy similar to hibernation but instead of winter, aestivation takes place in summer.

What are the animals that undergo aestivation?

Aestivation is a process that is similar to hibernation, whereas the animal's metabolic rate is lowered drastically. One of the most common animals to undergo aestiation are bears.

What is the sleep of animals in summer called?

It's called Aestivation (americans spell it without the 'a' at the beginning - the opposite of Hibernation.

What is meant by aestivation?

It's the summer equivalent of hibernation. Animals who have a period of inactivity in the winter - they hibernate. If they do that in summer - they aestivate.

Do hamsters pseudo hibernate?

Yes they can. It is called torpor, it is similar to hibernation, not a true hibernation. This can happen if the temperature drops to low. Or they may go into Aestivation: this is a kind of sleep similar to hibernation but is used in the summer to protect the animals from high temperatures and drought and the potentially harmful effects of the season.

What type of aestivation does rose has?

Imbricate aestivation

What is the difference between hibernation and estivation?

The difference between hibernation and estivation. Hibernation - when animals such as mice and bees and chipmunks and such sleep during winter and live off of fat and food energy that they store for when they go into a deep sleep. Estivation - when animals such as frogs and toads go into a deep sleep when it gets too warm.

What is a difference between hibernation and migration?

Hibernation is remaining dormant in the same ecosystem. Migration is travelling to a differnet ecosystem. These are usually caused in the winter because of the drop in the climate's temperature.

What is aestivation?

A period of inactivity during the summer months To be dormant in summer is called aestivation.

Two types of adaptations having to do with an animals actions?

1. Hibernation - winter sleep 2. Aestivation - summer sleep 3. Being nocturnal - sleep during day and hunt during night

Is there any difference between gray whale's migration and hibernation?

Whales do not hibernate- they would drown. They are mammals, and breathe air.

What is one difference of hibernating and torpor?

Hibernation is an annual ritual . Torpor is sleepiness in a similar way, but not necessarily hibernation.

What is the difference between miration and hibernation?

do you mean migration?? And if so migration is moving to a different area birds migrate south for warmer weather in the winter months. Hibernation is what bears do, they just sleep all winter.

What is the difference between a hard bootand soft boot?

A soft boot is when you resume from standby or hibernation A hard (cold) boot is a completely new start

How are hibernation and estivation similar?

Hibernation and estivation are similar in that they are adaptations to harsh climates. They offer protection to animals to maintain homeostasis. The difference is that hibernation refers to the torpor during winter while estivation refers to the torpor during summer.

What does the word aestivation refer to in the animal kingdom?


How does aestivation protects animals?

By saving water in their body.

What is the difference of animal hibernation and their sleep?

Hibernation slows down the heartbeat more, and is more like a coma. They are woken up less easily. Their brain waves are also different.

What are the two types of hibernation?

true hibernation and pseudo hibernation

What are three examples of hibernation?

"Cryptobiosis" allows organisms to live indefinitely until hostile environmental conditions improve sufficiently for survival. This is often associated with such adverse conditions as oxygen deficiency, freezing, or desiccation. "Brumation" is also similar to hibernation, occurring in reptilian species, for as long as eight months. "Aestivation" (or "estivation" in American English) allows animals to avoid the risk of desiccation from higher than normal temperatures .

What is the difference between standby mode and hibernation?

In hibernation, the computer actually turns off, but stores any open programs in it's memory. Hibernation therefore requires free disk space, but over longer periods of time, it saves more power than standby mode. Standby is basically where all of the hardware turns off (screen etc.) but the computer is still running.

When sepal or petal meet to each other without overlaping?


What do chipmunks do after hibernation?

After hibernation, chipmunks go to find love, then get ready for next hibernation.

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