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The single most important difference is the # of protons each has in the nucleus.

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Q: What is the difference between hydrogen and nitrogen?
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What describes the bond between nitrogen and hydrogen?

Polar covalent bond between nitrogen and hydrogen atoms Polar covalent bond between nitrogen and hydrogen atoms.

How do hydrogen bonds between nitrogen bonds break?

The question makes no sense. There's no such thing as a "nitrogen bond". If you mean "nitrogen atoms", then there are no hydrogen bonds between nitrogen atoms. If you mean "hydrogen bonds between a hydrogen and a nitrogen", then they break like any other hydrogen bond; they aren't really "bonds", just relatively strong electrostatic forces.

Why is the bond between H and F is not ionic but the electronegativity difference is 1.9?

The bond between hydrogen and fluorine is not a covalent bond. When hydrogen bonds with oxygen, nitrogen, or fluorine, then it is called a hydrogen bond. Hydrogen bonds will be stronger than a regular covalent bond, so the electronegativity difference will be higher.

What is the name of the compound between nitrogen and hydrogen?

There are 5 elements between Hydrogen and Nitrogen.HydrogenHeliumLithiumBerylliumBoronCarbonNitrogen

What is difference in volumes between liquid nitrogen and solid nitrogen?

is there a chemical difference between the solid and liquid states of nitrogen

What is the difference between N-nitrogen and N2-nitrogen gas?

Nitrogen (and oxygen and hydrogen) in the form of a gas is usually found as a molecule of two atoms of Nitrogen. That is N2. The fairly weak bond can be broken chemically, by heat, etc, and then you would have N.

Is a hydrogen and nitrogen a hydrogen bond?

It is not a hydrogen bond if they are in same molecule.But H bond forms between them.

What is the difference between fixed nitrogen and free nitrogen?


How many hydrogen bonds can ammonia molecule forms?

Intramolecular forces; Hydrogen bonds occur in ammonia between the nitrogen and the hydrogen, NH3.Intermolecular forces:Hydrogen bonding between molecules occurs between the electronegative nitrogen atom (N) of one molecule of ammonia and an electropositive hydrogen atom (H) bonded to a nitrogen of different molecule of ammonia.

What diatomic element has a bond between atoms?


A hydrogen bond forms between molecules that contain hydrogen bonded to?

Nitrogen, Oxygen and Fluorine

Does nitrogen form ionic or covalent bonds with hydrogen?

The bonds between nitrogen and hydrogen are covalent. They make several compounds including ammonia and hydrazine.