What is the difference between knight and cavalier?

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kupli. nangutana gani kita na noon ang patubagon. kupli.
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What is the difference between a soldier and a knight?

A knight is a kind of soldier under the feudal system. Knights were given grants of land by a lord in return for a promise to fight for him when called on. Working on the Kni

What is the difference between a papal knight and a knight knighted by the queen?

The Papal Knighthood ( there are or were various grades of nobility) was purely honorary and not a real title of nobility. One should not confuse the idea of a Papal Knight wi

What is the difference between a knight and a samurai?

A samurai was a male born into the Japanese warrior caste, and trained in, among other things, the martial arts of Japan (including weapons) and bushido, the Shinto-based Code

What is the difference between roundheads and cavaliers?

Roundheads were Parliamentary/Puritan soldiers who wore tight fitting un-orimented metal helmets, while Cavaliers were kings men who wore large hats with feathers as their uni

What are the differences between samurai's and knights?

Samurai were geographically located in Japan where knights were in Europe. Often times Samurai would follow a religion such as Daoism, Confucianism, or Buddhism. Knights had a
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What were the differences between Roundheads and Cavaliers?

Charles I and Oliver Cromwell went against eachother. During this war, they both had supporters. Supporters of King Charles I and roundheads were the supporters of Oliver Crom
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What is the difference between a knight and squire?

The medieval meaning of the word squire was simply a ' knight in training '... it was the stage after being a page on the way to becoming a knight. They served an existing kni
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What is the difference between vassal and knight?

Nothing. A knight could be a vassal to his liege lord. When a squire is knighted, the new knight must swear alligence to his lord. When a liege lord calls on his vassals in ti
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What is the difference between knight and night?

Knight: A knight is a person granted an honorary title of knighthood by a monarchy or other political leader for service to the monarch or country, especially in a militar