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A briefing is a type of meeting. It is normally used to indicate a 'feed' where information on a topic or situation is fed to the attendees as opposed to a meeting where ideas are exchanged and decisions made.

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Q: What is the difference between meeting and briefing?
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What is executive meeting what is briefing meeting?

Sarah will tell you the answer!

How does briefing the minutes takes prior to the meeting improve efficiency?


What is the difference between meeting with someone and meeting someone?

If you meet with, you have a meeting with that person, like a talk or lecture. Meeting someone is when you come face to face with that person.

What is the difference between conference and summit?

A summit is a meeting between the highest officials. A conference is a little bigger than a meeting, but not as big as a summit.

What is board meetings and sale staff meeting and the difference between them?


Difference between symposium and meeting?

Symposium originally referred to a drinking party and a meeting is a place to met others

What is the difference between formal and informal meeting, and what is the purpose of each?

i dont know the answer

What are the differences between a press briefing and press conference?

There are no differences between a press briefing and press conference. Both of them are instances where questions and answers are exchanged between the media and news makers.

What is the difference between an convention and an element?

An element is a pure material substance, a convention is a meeting of people.

What is the difference between annual general meeting and staff meeting?

A staff meeting is a 'closed' meeting - usually confined to employees and management. An AGM is open to anyone with an interest in the company concerned. This can include share-holders and suppliers who are not actually employed by the company.

What is the difference between remainder and reminder?

Remainder is what is left over from a mathematical calculation Reminder is an alarm for a date or a meeting

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