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Multitasking is being able to do more than one thing at a time. Multiprogramming is using more than one 'language' to accomplish a task.

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Q: What is the difference between multitasking and multiprograming?
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Should real time operating system be necessarily multiprogrammed?

MULTIPROGRAMING .................. The term multiprograming denotes an operating system that,in addtion to supporting multitasking. In multiprograming more than one jobs are active in memory.Within a very small period more than one jobs are executed simultaneously. MULTITASKING ............... In general multiprogramming implies multitasking,but multitasking does not imply multiprogramming. A multitasking operating system is distinguished by its ability to support concurrent execution of two or more active processes. as discussed actually both multitasking and multiprogramming are same no other answer mentioned are justifiable.....

What is the difference between cooperative multitasking and preemptive multitasking?

Cooperative multitasking is multitasking tohelp someone else, while peemative multitasking is multiaatsking for yourself.

What is the difference between multitasking and combing task?

multitasking is doing more than two task or more. And combing task is two task

Difference between time sharing and multitasking and multithreading and multiprocessor?

multitasking: more task execute on sevaral cpumultithreading : sevaral part of one program execution

What is the difference between task-switching and multitasking?

When a person is task switching, they are working on one thing at a time. If a person is multitasking, they are working on more than one thing at once.

What is difference process based and thread based multitasking?

-> Difference between process based and thread based multitasking: 1) threads share the same address space where as process doesn't. 2) context switching between threads is usually less expensive than between processes. 3) cost of communication between threads is relatively low.

What is the difference between single tasking and multitasking?

multi tasting is doing it with some 1 but single tasking is coin it by yrself :)

What are main differences between cooperative multitasking and preemtive multitasking?

Preemptive multitasking is when the operating system preemptively interrupts a current task without cooperation. Cooperative multitasking is when the system must be programmed to do tasks.

What are the problems with multiprograming?

can you explain me about oparating system?

Distinguish between batch system real time system multi tasking system?

The difference between Batch System, Real Time System and Multitasking System is that they are cool and you are a gimp.

Difference between single user single task and single user multitasking?

differences between single user single task os and single user multi task os

What is the unix terminology for multitasking?


Distinguish between a multitasking and a multi access operating system?


What is the difference between multiprogramming and multitasking?

no of tasks can be done at a time is called multi tasking no of programmes can be executed in a single system is called multi programming

What is the difference between windows 1.0 and windows 2.0?

Windows 1.0 is basically the same thing as 2.0 but 2.0 has more features added to it like multitasking and a better graphics card

'What is the difference between multiprogramming and multitasking and what is meaning of a task if we consider a task as a program then the concept will be multiprogramming then what is the differenc?

First of all there is difference between program and a task. There may be multiple tasks running related to one program at the same time. so if the processor is busy in multiple tasks related to one program then it is multitasking. But if the multiple tasks which the processor is executing concurrently are related to different independent programs then the concept is know as multiprogramming.

What side of the brain is used for multitasking Brain multitasking?


Diffirence between multiprogamming and multitasking?

Multitasking: The ability to execute more than one task at the same time is called multitasking. It involves only one CPU. Multiprogramming: The ability to execute more than one task but not simultaneously is called multiprogramming.

Do the words multi and tasking need a hyphen between them?

I do not believe that multitasking is supposed to have a hyphen.

Who is better at multitasking -men or women?

girls. there brain is built for multitasking

What is multiprograming?

multiprograming in terms of a computer system refers to the execcution of 1 or more programs by the system in the background(i.e. not in realtime), with the user having no interaction with the programs being executed. eg. THE CLOCK TIMER OF THE COMPUTER SYSTEM

What was the first multitasking distribution of windows?

Windows NT 3.1 was the first to use a preemptive multitasking. However, it was Windows 95 which had true multitasking.

Does iOS 4.2.1 have multitasking?

No, but multitasking can be enabled if you Jailbreak your ipod touch. Use jailbreak website to download jailbreak program. Jailbreak iPod touch Then use loader to download cydia app. go into cydia and search multitasking. then install multitasking enabler. Go into winterboard checkoff the multitasking enable option respring and you will have multitasking.

What is an example of multitasking?

walking and eating a ice cream cone is multitasking. if your doing more than one thing at the same time then its called multitasking.

How To Enable Multitasking On iPhone 3G?

Multitasking does not work on a iPhone 3G, You must Jailbreak your Phone to do that (Beaware that your phone would be very slow with Multitasking)