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when we get sample papers?

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Q: What is the difference between ncert syllabus and cbse syllabus?
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What is difference between CBSE board and state board?

CBSE has nation wide syllabus and is the most popular school board and is widly spread across all states.cbse syllabus is aimed at meeting the needs of various entrance exams including the medical and engineering stream.state board syllabus is designed by the department of education of the concerned state.cbse follows ncert and offers wide range of subjects and combinations.

What is the difference between CBSE and Matriculation syllabus and which is the best for proceeding admission for LKG?

The CBSE syllabus is used by most private schools in India. The matriculation syllabus is used by public schools. The CBSE is autonomous, while the matriculations syllabus depends on the government of each different state.

Is ncert is CBSE?

NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) is an organization that publishes educational resources like textbooks for school education in India. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is a separate governing body responsible for conducting examinations for schools affiliated with it. NCERT books are commonly used in CBSE schools, but NCERT itself is not CBSE.

How much you can score by derivations in 11th physics exam?

I was a CBSE student and all my syllabus were in accordance with the NCERT syllabus. You can secure 100/100 just by knowing the derivation. I was a bad student, I secured only 96/100 in 11th Standard and my marks were further decreased to 91/100 in AISSCE.

Ncert cbse English guide for ninth?

On topperlearning you can find NCERT Solutions for class 9 all subjects including English. Below is URL Also Find NCERT solution books Online @

What are the changes in CBSE 10 board syllabus?

what is latest change in cbse 10?

What is the difference between state syllabus and cbse syllabus?

State syllabus refers to the curriculum set by the state government and followed by state board schools, while CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) syllabus is set by the central government and followed by schools affiliated with CBSE. CBSE syllabus is uniform across the country, while state syllabus may vary from state to state.

What is syllabus of Sanskrit in CBSE board?


From where you can download c plus plus project CBSE syllabus?

hi, for class xii cbse syllabus project are free available on site.

Is syllabus of class 5 easier in icse or CBSE?

ICSE is tougher than CBSE

Syllabus of business studies of pu 2 karnataka?

12 cbse syllabus india

Is year 2010 revised syllabus of icse is better than cbse syllabus?