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What is the difference between normal saline and physiologic saline?


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normal saline is 0.85%w/v NaCl whlist physiological saline is 0.90% w/v NaCl.

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What is the difference between normal saline solution and ringer's lactate solution?

NS is normal saline and DNS is dextrose normal saline...

For a normal saline solution the concentration of sodium chloride is 9 g/L.

infusion doesnt get diluted or mixed and goes straight into a patients iv, where as irrigation is usually mixed with a powdered drug, such as antibotics, then given as an injection

How do we prepare a normal saline?

Normal Saline is an isotonic solution.

Yes this saline is a hypertonic solution but 3% saline is also not normal. There is nothing "normal" about it. There is only one "normal saline" and that is 0.9%.

D5 Normal Saline/ D5W, 0.45% Normal Saline or 5%Dextrose in 1/2 Normal Saline, 0.2% Normal Saline. Hope i could help you. --freed

It is saline that has twice the concentration of salt as normal saline. Normal saline is 0.9% NaCl, so twice normal is 1.8% NaCl. Now I have a question. Is this ever given to patients?

Yes, but half normal saline is usually sufficient (and far more frequently used than normal saline).

normal saline composition is same as body fliud

what catecholamine should not be mixed with normal saline

How much salt is in normal saline my saline solution says that salin = 0.9% salt in water

actualy there is no major difference , on the basis of composition ,can be differentiate in saline buffer nacl was used and isotonicity take place

Iso saline refers to a body of water with equal salt concentrations (for example when compared to seawater). Hypo saline conditions is when the salt concentration is less than that of seawater.

Yes. NS=Normal Saline and NSS=Normal Saline Solution

Saline is nothing more than salt water. Salt is NaCl. Normal saline is a 0.9% solution of NaCl in H2O.

Saline is a term for salt dissolved in water and is no different from salt water. Saline solution comes in different concentrations with different ratios of salt to water.

can normal saline for irrigation be used orally at 200ml 3 times daily

Normal saline has a sodium chloride concentration of 9 g/L.

Normal saline intended to be used for intravenous administration comes under drug category.

Yes. Normal saline is isotonic. Add anything to it and its omolarity increases hence normal saline with 20kcl is of a higher osmolarity than plasma hence it is hypertonic.

Sodic soils contain a lot of sodium ions. This can be due to sodium chloride, in which case it is also saline, or to sodium carbonate, when the word saline doesn't apply.

Solute is the substance dissolved in a solution (for example sodium chloride is the solute in saline water).But this saline water is a mixture of salt and water.

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