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Organic food doesn't mean natural, but they are minimally processed and also preservative free. It is very essential for you to know that all natural foods are not organic, only certain natural foods that are labeled as organic are considered to be organic. These simple points can help you to differentiate organic and natural food. * Unlike conventional food, these foods are grown without using any chemical fertilizers and by just adding manure to feed plants. * Conventional farmers use pesticides to kill the pests and insecticides in their farms, where as in organic farming the insects or pests are killed by simple methods of trapping. * In an organic feed, animals are fed with balanced diet and rotational gazing to minimize the risk of diseases in them whereas in conventional animal nurture, they are treated with medicines in order to prevent the risk of infections and diseases.

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Q: What is the difference between organic and all natural?
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What Is The Difference Between Organic Material From Which Coals Forms And The Organic Material From Which Petroleum And Natural Gas Forms?

There is no difference. They were all formed from plant and animal life laid down and covered and compressed over millions of years ago.

What are the difference between organic and inorganic compounds?

All organic compounds contain carbon, inorganics do not

What element must all organic substances contain?

Carbon. It's the difference between organic and inorganic.

Difference between organic and inorganic food?

All food is organic - unless you consider synthetic additives as food.

Is non organic the same as natural?

No, non-organic is not the same as natural. Many people associate natural with organic, but they actually have no association at all.

What is the difference between organic and potting soil?

Organic soil cannot contain the chemicals typically used in agriculture.

What's the difference about regular makeup and organic makeup?

Organic just means it is made up of the natural elements, such as Carbon.So when makeup contains ingredients such as bismuth oxychloride, this is not exactly an organic ingredient, so the makeup company may claim their products to be "all natural". Either way, if they are dermatologist recommended, it may not be harmful or irritating at all to your skin if the products aren't "organic" or "all natural".

What is another word for organic?

All natural

What are the difference between natural numbers and irrational numbers?

All natural numbers are rational numbers. No irrational numbers are natural numbers.

What is the difference between peroxide and organic peroxide?

They are different compounds, although all of them contain the same peroxide ions.

What is non produced food?

Organic or all natural

How is organic farming methods are similar to natural ecosystem processes?

no human involvement, no pesticide use etc.. all organic/ natural

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