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What is the difference between partly cloudy and mostly sunny?

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Believe it or not, there is a difference. It relates to the average amount of cloud cover expected. Would you believe partly sunny means more cloud cover than partly cloudy? Can be confusing to the public...mostly sunny means more sun than partly cloudy does, while partly sunny means more clouds than partly cloudy does. Anyway, from least cloud cover to most, the scale is: sunny, mostly sunny, partly cloudy, partly sunny, mostly cloudy, cloudy. Mostly sunny means more sun than clouds, partly sunny means more clouds than sun, and partly cloudy generally means an equal amount of clouds and sun.

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Is partly cloudy more sun than clouds?

Yes, when we say "Fair", it's equal with the sun than the clouds. "Mostly Cloudy" is when there are more clouds than sun. Mostly Sunny = Partly Cloudy Partly Sunny= Mostly Cloudy

What is the difference between partly cloudy and partly sunny?

Partly Sunny and partly cloudy are synonyms. The only difference is that partly sunny is used for daytime clouds, and partly cloudy is used for night and/or day. They both mean the same thing, over all. That, up there, that answer is wrong. Partly sunny means some sun. Partly cloudy means some clouds. They are not the some thing!

What are the 5 terms used to describe how cloudy it is on any givin day?

clear,partly cloudy,cloudy,mostly cloudy,and overcast

What is the difference between mostly sunny and partly sunny?

partly sunny means the suns kinda out and mostly sun means the sun is out more

What are the 5 terms used to describe how cloudy its on a given day?

mostly cloudy,partly cloudy,sunny,partly sunny,clear,overcast,cloudy,I gave a little more because you might want to know 2 more

What types of clouds are partly cloudy?

All clouds are not partly cloudy they are entirely cloudy.

A list of standardized terms to describe sky conditions?

Here is a list: · *Sunny · *Partly Cloudy · *Mostly Cloudy · *Rainy · * Mostly Cloudy with a chance of Thunder · *Snow Storm · *Scattered Showers · *Thunder Storms

How does climate affect or change Toronto?

When it's summer in Toronto, it's hot in Toronto. When it's winter in Toronto, it's cold in Toronto. When it's partly cloudy in Toronto, it's mostly sunny in Toronto. Partly cloudy and mostly sunny!

When was Partly Cloudy created?

Partly Cloudy was created on 2009-05-29.

When was The Partly Cloudy Patriot created?

The Partly Cloudy Patriot was created in 2002.

In terms of the weather and sky conditions what is the difference between mostly clear and partly clear?

when it is mostly clear, there are only a few clouds in the sky. when it is partly clear, there are several clouds in the sky.

What is the weather like in Zimbabwe?

Partly cloudy some days, but mostly sun and 70 to 75* F

What is the differences between partly sunny and mostly cloudy?

hahaha there is no difference at all, they just put it that way so they can get away with it. What is the difference about having a glass half empty or half full? Yeah yeah they may come up with a very confuse explanation but in the end is the same.

What is Northop's climate?

Partly cloudy

What is a sentence for the word partly?

Moving out of my parents' house, I was partly sad but mostly happy.Partly, it was my fault I didn't get to school on time.Though his answer was partly correct, he wrote the wrong date for the signing of The Declaration of Independence.

What are the five terms used to describe how cloudy it is on any given day?

clear,partly cloudy, partly sunny, broken coulds, and overcast

When does it stop being partly cloudy and start being partly sunny?

Partly sunny describes a sky with half a could-filled sky during the day while the same amt at night is considered partly cloudy. (:

How many cloudy days in danville Indiana in 2012?

88 sunny 99 partly cloudy 177 cloudy

If the day is partly cloudy what is the symbol?


What is the weather on August 28th?

partly cloudy

Where was Hernan Cortes sailing to?

it was partly cloudy

What is the weather symbol for partly sunny?

It is the same symbol as Partly Cloudy, a sun partly covered up by a cloud.

What actors and actresses appeared in Partly Cloudy - 1916?

The cast of Partly Cloudy - 1916 includes: George Bickel Harry Watson as Musty Suffer

How do you say partly cloudy in spanish?

Parcialmente nublado

The weather in Greece right now?

partly cloudy