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What is the difference between physical and emotional maturity?

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January 08, 2010 1:20AM

Physical maturity comes much earlier than emotional maturity, which takes experience, and the ability to learn from it. Some people never mature emotionally, although they can learn how to be emotional mature by having a positive relationship with another person at any point during their adulthood. Some people would say a girl is physically mature when she has breasts and menstruates and thus able to have a baby. I believe that physical maturity is when you've stopped growing, which might be age 18 or so or even later. Let's take that girl who has breasts and menstruates. Physically, she can have a child, but doesn't have the emotional maturity to give it unconditional love and provide helpful rules and boundaries so it can function in society. Often, girls have babies because they want someone to love them; they don't realize that a mother is supposed to love her child, not the other way around.