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Q: What is the difference between point and non-synonymous mutation?
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Name two major types of mutations?

Frameshift mutations and Point mutations. The difference between the two are that point mutations occur at a single point in the DNA sequence and frameshift mutations shift the "reading frame" of the genetic message.

A change in a single nucleotide in DNA-?

A mutation

A mutation that involves a single nucleotide is called a(an)?

Point Mutation- a type of gene mutation in which only a single nucleotide in a gene has been changed.

What type of mutation results in a gene change in the body's reproductive cells?

Generally, a germ line mutation or sex cell mutation. Could be anything from a point mutation, one amino acid difference, to a whole frame shift mutation.

What are the similarities of a nonsense mutation and a missense mutation?

Both nonsense and missense mutations are point mutations - meaning a single base has been substituted. The difference between the two is that a missense mutation results in an amino acid being replaced with a different amino acid, whereas a nonsense mutation results in a premature stop codon.

What are the difference between freezing point and boiling point?

what is the difference between freezing and boiling point

Can a point mutation be frameshift mutation?


The substitution addition or removal of a single nucleotide in DNA is called a what mutation?

point mutation

Is SCID a frameshift mutation or a point mutation?

point! good luck

What is difference between melting point and drop melting point?

No basic Difference between melting point and Drop point.

What is the difference between insertion point and cursor?

What is the deference between Insertion Point and Pointers?

Mutations that change one or just a few of nucleotides in a gene on a chromosome are called what?

the correct answer is C. a substitution i know this cause i have this book to this question and point mutation is not one of the answer and i found the answer in the book -No its substituton you jack wagon your books wrong