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The media reports the facts, or at least is suppossed to. Propoganda aims at presenting a positive image on the homefront and a negative image to the opponnents front and truth can be twisted or warped to suit the needs of the moment.

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Q: What is the difference between propaganda and media in World War 2?
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What is the difference between protest and propaganda?

A protest is a usually peaceful gathering of people who want to voice a complaint or grievance about something. Propaganda is the spread of ideas for a cause through media, and it is often untruthful, or at least exaggerated.

Difference between synthetic and complex media?

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What is the difference between advertising and propaganda?

Advertising are messages sent through the media by vendors hoping to get people to buy their products. Propaganda are messages sent through the news media by the government hoping to get the people to believe what the government wants them to believe, whether it be truth or fiction.

What is the difference between media and culture?

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How do you detect a propaganda?

You cannot say "a propaganda", sorry. Propaganda is already plural, like media

Was the use of propaganda more effective in World War 1 or 2?

The use of propaganda was definitely more effective in the Second World War. They had more means of media then and upgraded from the First World War, for sure.

What is the difference between technology and media?

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How was the media involved with world war 2?

It was used by those malicious Jews as a form of propaganda.

Any form of media used to convince people of something is called?

Propaganda is any form of media used to convince people of something. The word propaganda is a noun.

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There are several differences between wired and wireless media. The biggest difference is that wired media is connected via copper wires and wireless media is connected via electromagnetic waves.

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What are the ratings and certificates for Media Morphs Propaganda - 2010?

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What is the difference between print media and electronic media?

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What was the role of Media in wars?

usually the media in wars is there to provide a morale boost to the public, and to create a hatred for the enemy. The propaganda organizations oversee the media during mass wars, (e.g. The ministry for propaganda was active all through World War 2, and all media was censored) This was to stop people voting against the war, the Media is in fact as powerful a method of fighting wars as the soldiers themselves, because without media and propaganda, there would be no volunteers and soldiers, and vice versa.

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Who created the propaganda?

Countries governments and the media.

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