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A regular figure has no curves, no gaps, and ALL lines must be connected. An irregular figure is the opposite of that.

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Q: What is the difference between regular and irregular figures?
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What is the difference between regular and irregular tessellations?

It means with irregular polygons

What is the Difference between Regular and Irregular solids?

Regular object have equla sides and irregular dont

How do you distinguish between a regular solid and an irregular solid?

Regular solids have all sides the same, irregular solids have different sides.

What is the difference between regular and irregular triangles?

Regular polygons have all equal length sides and irregular polygons do not.

What is the difference between regular and irregular pentagons?

regular polygon mean equal sides, equal angles irregular polygon mean it is not equal :)

what is the difference between irregular polygons and regular polygons?

Regular polygons have all sides equal in length but an irregular polygon does not have all sides equal.

What is the difference between an irregular-shaped object and a regular- shaped object?

I am not positive but i think that a regular shaped object can be measured and an irregular can not Hope this helps :D

What is the difference between a regular polygon and non regular polygon?

Regular polygon is equilateral and equiangular. Irregular polygon is non-equilateral and non-equiangular.

Difference between regular and irregular shapes?

Regular shapes are formed from straight lines with equal angles among any pairs of lines while irregular shapes are not. Regular shapes include triangles, rectangles and squares.

What is the difference between a regular pentagon and an irregular pentagon?

A regular pentagon has all its sides of equal length and all its angles equal. An irregular pentagon does not. Several other differences follow from this distinction.

What is the difference of regular and irregular shapes?

The difference between an irregular and regular is that a regular shape is the normal form of a hexagon or pentagon etc. A regular hexagon would have six sides all the same length and all the angles would be the same. An irregular shape is a shape in a different form of the normal form. Example, A irregular hexagon would still have six sides but the lengths may be different and the angles also may be different.

What is the difference between regular and irregular income?

Regular income is paid to you on a scheduled basis such as once a month, once a week, etc. Irregular income comes to you without a schedule, when you sell a painting, finish a job, etc.