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The flex of a shaft can be varied depending on the needs of the golfer. Stronger golfers tend to swing faster and therefore need a stiffer shaft to keep the club head from lagging too far behind. Seniors and ladies can benefit from a more flexible shaft that helps compensate for the slower swing speed. Shaft flex is important for woods and the longer irons, but has less effect on the shorter irons. Any good Golf pro can analyze your swing and tell you what degree of shaft flex you need. Good luck.

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What is the difference between a regular and stiff golf club?

Well, stiff shafts are usually heavier and are less flexible than regular shafts. Stiff shafts are for players with faster swing speeds, around 95-105 mph.

What is the difference between Uniflex and flex in a golf club shaft?

A Uniflex is a flex between regular and stiff, a bit more on the stiff side.

Why would someone prefer a flex shaft over a stiff shaft golf club what is the difference in swing?

Stiff shafts are for people with 65mph+ swings

Differentiate between firm shaft and stiff shaft flex?

There's no "firm" answer (yuk, yuk!). Shafts stiffness is specified by the manufacturer, so there's no objective determinant of what's stiff, firm, regular, or whatever. Typically, players with normal swing speeds will use R (Regular) shafts, while faster swingers will go for stiffer ones, but that's no guarantee, just the way to bet.

What does stiff flex in golf shafts stand for?

A stiff flex is the flex of the shaft usually for swing speeds between 90 and 105 mph.

What is the difference between a regular and stiff golf shaft?

One of them (I'll let you guess which, but here's a hint: it's not the stiff one) is more flexible than the other.

What is the difference between regular flex and senior flex in golf shafts?

Something labeled senior flex will probably be more flexible than regular. There is no real standardization among shaft makers, but typically they are ordered (from most to least flexible) L - Ladies A - Senior R - Regular S - Stiff X - eXtra stiff The rule of thumb is that slower swingers do better with more flexible shafts, because if timed right the flex can add some power and height to the shot. The "A" designation between Ladies and Regular flex doesn't stand for anything in particular. They couldn't use "S" for the Senior flex because it was already being used as the designation for "Stiff" flex. The abbreviation for Senior, "Sr.", could also be confused with a "Regular/Stiff" flex. So in an attempt to avoid confusion (or possibly add a little), the letter "A" was decided upon as the designation for the Senior flex shaft.

How stiff is the x100 true temper iron shafts?

They would be extra stiff flex.

What is the difference between a regulsr driver shaft than a stiff driver shaft?

The easiest way to describe it is that the regular shaft is more flexible than the stiff one. The stiffer the shaft the quicker the swing speed needs to be to get the best from it. Also, stiffer shafts allow the ball to be hit farther, which is an exciting prospect for many amateurs but if someone with a slower swing hits a stiff shaft they will always hit low blocks instead of a nice high straight shot which they could with a regular.

What is the difference between regular steel and rifle shafts in golf?

Hey The difference between the two is the flex point of the shaft. The Rife shafts generally are for better golfers. The rifles have mid to mid-high flex points. Shafts like True Temper have all the points(low, med, high). The Rifle shafts are more personalised where as the others cover a larger range of golfers needs. In my oppinion, unless you are seriousey crazy about golf, save a little money and stay with True Temper. They make great shafts and there isn't that much of a difference to lower scores considerably. Rifle shafts are simply a brand, that's it. You have Ford and GM, each different, each just as good as the other, each has expensive models, each has chearer models. Rifle shafts come in all flexes and varying flex points, True Temper comes in all flexes and varying flex points. True temper shafts are what called a step steel, they have gradual steps in the shaft diameter as it goes up to the grip, rifle shafts have a smooth diameter change in the shaft as it goes up. True Temper calls there various flexes R, S, or X as in R-100, S-100, X-100, Rifle has there flexes as a numbered figure, such as; 5.0 (regular stiffness), 6.0 (stiff), or 7.0 (x-stiff).

What does SR flex in shaft of Callaway Big Bertha Diablo driver stand for?

A wise man's guess would be Stiff Regular flex, between Stiff flex and Regular flex.

What is x6.5 steel shafts?

I assume you are talking about Project X golf shafts. A Project X shaft with a 6.5 flex is the equivilent of a stiff shaft.

What is the difference between uniflex and regular shafts?

1. Not sure2. From Ebay buying guide flex vs. uniflexConsider shaft flex (the amount of bend in a shaft) when you shop. Beginners will want more flex than experienced golfersA: Geared toward seniors.Regular: Designed for average players with a 75 to 90mph swing speed.Stiff/ Firm/ Extra stiff: Designed for people with a swing speed between 90 to 110mph.Uniflex: Varying flex to fit most swing speeds.

What does Hogan apex graphite shafts 2 3 and 4 represent?

Hogan designations for shaft stfifness; 4 =stiff, 3= regular, 2=soft ( usually "senior" or women's flex).

What is an m flex on a golf shaft?

The different Letters on a golf shaft are the flex of the club. In order from stiff to soft: X - EXtra Stiff S - Stiff R - Regular A or M - Senior (Amateur or Mature) L - Ladies. The letters may be combined to show in-between ratings, such as SR (Stiff/Regular).

The shafts on ping golf clubs are stiff flex regular flex and soft regular flex are the soft regular flex the old seniors flex?

Hi....I have played Ping clubs for serveral years..and yes the Ping soft regular shaft is equivilant to the senior shaft or A flex of many shaft designations.

What swing speed am I. I hit a 7 iron about 145 yards and I'm 13 years old. I think my club shafts are not stiff enough but i need to know my swing speed in order to buy new shafts. Should i get steel?

I cannot tell you what swing speed you have, as there are a lot of factors which determine a swing speed. What I would say to you, is go to your local golf shop or pro that has a launch monitor and get custom fit, it is free and very effective. But, if you cannot do this, I would say your swing speed is between 85-90 mph and should therefore get regular shafts. Steel is also ideal for you. It depends why you think you need stiff? You are still young, and the only tell tale sign you should get stiff is if you are hitting the ball left (this is an indication you are swinging faster than the shaft allows the club head to square). On the other hand, if you got stiff and were hitting it right it would be an indication the shafts are too stiff.

What companies sell uniflex steel golf shafts?

True Temper sells a uniflex steel shaft. This flex is soft, like a regular shaft but is supposed to be as stable as a stiff shaft and helps to increase the trajectory of the ball. Callaway and Nike have options for purchasing clubs with True Temper Uniflex Shafts.

Are calloways irons stiff or flex?

You can get them in regular, uniflex or stiff, depends which ones you have/get.

Are the stiff dylans gay?

of course stiff dylans are gay.It does not make a difference if they are stiff or not.

If you are playing a stiff flex driver should you be playing stiff flex irons?

Stiff shafts are for people who have a swing speed of around 90+ mph, so if you are happy with how you hit your driver you could get stiff shafted irons, but you don't have to. If you currently use regular shafted irons and you hit the ball either excessively high or tend to hook or pull it, you should go to stiff. For best results go get custom fit and they will be able to tell you which shaft is best for your game.

What is the recommend swing speed for the aldila rip for regular stiff and x-stiff flexes?

90-100 Regular, 100-110 Stiff and 110+ X Stiff. Pretty much standard across most manufacturers.

Does Dustin Johnson have graphite shafts on his irons?

no, like almost every porfessional golfer he has steel shafts. the exact model is true temper dynamic gold probably X100 (extra stiff)

What is firm shaft flex?

Callaway make this shaft flex, it is designed in between a regular flex and stiff flex shaft.

What is the difference between a bone and joint?

a bone moves when a joint doesn't.Bones are stiff, joints are bendy.