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Salary is a fixed amount of money or compensation paid to an employee by an employer in return for work performed.

pay roll: Definition: The administration of the financial record of employees' salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions


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Salary slip is a piece of paper given to a person or employee, it state how much money he/she is being paid.Payroll is a list of people or employees being paid by company.

Payroll tax is only the tax retained by your employer on your salary. Income tax concerns all income from whatever other sources (e.g. from capital, rents and income where payroll tax was not retained) that are taxable in your country. In your income tax statement you deduct the payroll tax already paid by your employer.

what is the difference between a credit card, debit card and smart card

an allowance is given a salary is earned

debit to payroll expense credit to accured payroll

The salary for a certified payroll professional will vary depending on the specific position. Average yearly salary starts at 34,000 dollars for a payroll specialist, but can go as high as 126,000 for a payroll director.

what is the difference between gross salary and CTC

The average salary of a payroll account is around 60000$. A starting salary would vary by your educational qualifications, but would be around 40000$.

salary slip or payroll

Aording to FOX Sports, the Raiders payroll for the 2008 season is $107,297,942. .

Generally a wage is paid weekly and salary monthly

Indirect payroll is when an out side company issues a check and book keeping ...Direct payroll is when the company you work for prints it's checks and does internal book keeping ...

There is essentially no difference in the function of a wage or salary slip. Wages are general paid by the hour and a salary is pay that is not based on hours.

..The spelling Not really the difference is that the salary is what u get paid and income could be anything that brings money to your home

The median salary for a payroll accountant is $48,000. Accountants can make a larger salary if they are experienced with Microsoft Excel and General Ledger Accounting programs.

Slary sheet is the form that we inform the finance department about the number ofdayss which employees are absent or present on leave. Payroll is a kind of form that we record and show the payment .

can u pls give me the difference between basic and net pay

mostly the difference between the average man's salary and the average woman's salary

Income taxes are used for a wide variety of government activities while payroll taxes pay for specific programs.

a manual payroll is a system wherein a company computes payroll manually.It is a state where the human resource or the manager doesn't need any computer while the computerized payroll system is a system wherein a certain company uses a computer or a program for payroll to calculate the payroll easily. Computerized payroll system can help for the accounting department to work easily.

The Payroll Management System is a computer program that deals with issuing payroll slips to employees. They organize salary, gross pay, deductions and net pay.

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