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Sand blasted means exactly that - The surface has be blasted by high pressure sand

Frosted Glass is in the marjority formed by chemical compunds painted across the glass and then wasted off leaving the frosted effect. Chemical frosting is less destructive than sand blasting

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Q: What is the difference between sandblasted glass and frosted glass?
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Is a frosted glass a conductor of electricity?

No, frosted glass is not a conductor of electricity.

What is glass block?

clear or frosted glass that you use in lieu of a window. they are stacked with grout in between and are a decorative alternative to windows

Why are windows panes made of frosted glass?

Frosted glass is used on windows that will let in sunlight, but will stop people looking in from outside. A bathroom, or glass panels on an external door, will usually have frosted glass for privacy. Apart from frosted, other patterns can be used - small dimples, raised spots or lines, etc, can also be used.

Why people use frosted glass in bathrooms?

People generally use frosted glass in the bathrooms. It is because it does not enables people to see inside.

Does bathroom window glass have to be frosted in the UK?

In the UK it is not required to have the bathroom window glass frosted. But most people wants to have the bathroom windows frosted for privacy because one can only see shapes.

Why are windows made of frosted glass?

Frosted glass is usually used on bathroom windows to keep stalkers away. It is made by sand-blasting glass or putting glass (while it is still hot) into amold.

What are some translucent objects?

frosted glass

Is waxed paper and frosted glass are examples of materials that are transparent?

No. Frosted glass and wax paper are translucent. They pss light but cannot be seen through.

Is frosted glass opaquetranslucent or transparent?

Frosted glass is translucent. It allows light through but scatters the light. This prevents anyone having a clear (transparent) view.

Can you clean frosted glass w scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner?

Yes, scrubbing bubbles shower automatic shower cleaner will clean frosted glass.

Can you freeze a frosted cake in a glass cake pan?

Of course. Glass won't crack!

What happens when light hits frosted glass?

Some of the light is reflected, some is absorbed by the glass, and the rest makes it all the way through and comes out of the other side. Since the glass is "frosted" or"ground", the light is scattered (bounces around) inside the glass, and doesn't follow a straight path. Although the light intensity and illumination survive the trip through it, images don't.