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American Grades are on left, English Years are on right.

Preschool - Playgroup Year 1

Pre-Kindergarten - Playgroup Year 2

Kindergarten - Year 1

Grade 1 - Year 2

Grade 2 - Year 3

Grade 3 - Year 4

Grade 4 - Year 5

Grade 5 - Year 6

Grade 6 - Year 7 (Start of High School for English)

Grade 7 - Year 8 (Start of Middle School for Americans)

Grade 8 - Year 9

Grade 9 - Year 10 (Start of High School for Americans)

Grade 10 - Year 11

Grade 11 - Year 12 (Start of College for English.)

Grade 12 - Year 13

University for English (optional)

I hope this helped. :)

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Me & my England friend we're confused at first but this helped alot
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Q: What is the difference between school years and grades?
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What is the difference between grades and years at school?

Grades are levels, and years are time. Some students skip grades based on their results, while others are held back to repeat grades.

What do you do if you need grades from a school that closed years ago?

If the school was a public school, go to the main office of the system the school was in. They should be able to get your grades for you or tell you where to go to get them.

What is the difference between a high school graduate and a college graduate?

Uh a high school graduate completed highschool grades 9-12 and a college graduate has completed all years of college! What kind of question is this? there isn't very much difference between them except a college graduate makes more money a year, and they are more advanced than a high school graduate I'm not really sure what the difference are but well they ain't vewry different. from amber adkins

Education nominal data or ordinal data?

Education should be treated as a nominal scale because the years spent between two grades are not same for all the grades. i.e. difference between Jr. College and Sr. College isn't same as between graduation and post-graduation.

How many years of primary school in Mexico?

1st trough 6th grades.

Do the 12th grade grades go on your transcript?

Yes, your transcripts usually include your grades from school years 9 through 12.

What is the difference between horse years and human years?

i believe there is no difference

What is the difference between the bachelor degree and a master degree in social worker?

The difference between a bachelor degree and a Masters degree in social work is to years of college. The master degree is usually only obtained after six years of school.

What grades during your school taking years actually matter when you go to college?

It is very important to keep your grades high in High School because your GPA is what colleges look at, and most colleges like students with high grades to enroll in their colleges. It is also important to keep your grades up in Middle School because it gets you ready for Hgh School.

What is the difference between elementary school and primary school?

elementary include children in kindergarten , primary include children with 6-7 years old

How many years do you go to school in Mexico?

It usually takes 16 years to complete a full education, including college/university:Primary Education - 6 years (Grades 1 - 6)Secondary Education - 3 years (Grades 7 - 9)High School - 3 yearsCollege/University - 3 - 5 years

What is the difference between Freshman and sophomore and Senior?

The first, second, and (usually fourth) years of school. The third year is junior.

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