What is the difference between science and technology?

Science can broadly be defined as the study of "things" such as: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Genetics, Geology, Psychology, Sociology, and other fields of study that analyze interactions, behaviors, physical properties, effects, causes, etc. in order to rationalize or establish given properties, behaviors and interactions about such "things". The basis of Science is the conducting of experiments. Basically, a theory is made (stated), analysis and testing are performed with the use of various controls, and when a specific, measurable result occurs, and can be reproduced or proven time and time again, the theory then becomes Scientific law, or a truism of sorts.

Technology, refers generally to items of use, created from "Applied Science". A good example of this is the production of Solar panels. Solar Panels are used in a variety of different technologies, but the simplest example is a Solar Powered Calculator. It was proposed long ago that the Sun emits 2 types of energy, heat energy and light energy. The Sun's heat energy is what warms the Earth's atmosphere so that life as we know it can exist, by warming the atmosphere to a tolerable temperature that the Human Body can function in. (Space is somewhere around -230 degrees Fahrenheit, and at those temperatures, plants could not grow, and the Human body would not be able to carry on normal functions such as breathing in that cold of temperature.) The sun's light energy is absorbed by Solar Panels (and Solar Cells), and converts that energy to electricity so that the calculator can perform mathematical functions. To test this, put a piece of electrical tape over your calculator for 15 minutes, and then see if you can turn it on. If you can't then you know the light energy is being converted to electricity.

In brief: Science is the study of forces and interactions between different "things", both animate and inanimate. Technology can be referred to as things which we make, but were developed by applying Scientific law, knowing what such "things" are capable of doing.
Science is the understanding of nature. Technology is the application of that understanding to practical things.

how is science and technology different?

In simple terms, technology is the application of science into everyday life situations.
Science is knowing,technolgy is doing
science is the study of nature and technology is to apply on science.
Science is the fundamental study of the properties, and of the interactions of matter and of space.

Technology is the engineering realization of discoveries of science. e.g motor car, paper, refrigeration, telephone, and so on.
Technology can be a creation of man kind, but science,in my mind, is just doing tests to find fact!!!
Pure science is the gathering of new information or the discovery of a new fact. Pure science adds to scientific knowledge but does not have practical uses.

Technology (applied science) is the practical use of scientific information.
Science is the study of nature and to apply science is Technology.