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sea otters have fur and otters don't

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Sea otters have way more fur than seals

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Q: What is the difference between seals and sea otters?
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What is the difference between a seal and an otter?

Aside from their belonging to different taxonomical families (Sea otters belong to Mustelidae, and seals belong to Phocidae.), the most obvious difference between sea otters and seals is in their means of keeping warm: sea otters have extremely dense fur (1,000,000 strands of hair per square inch) for insulation, whereas seals have a layer of blubber beneath their skin.

Do Seals eat Sea Otters?


Are seals mistaken for sea otters?

yes, yes they are

What is scared of the killer whale?

Harbor Seals Sea Otters

Do seals hunt otters?

The Stellar sea lion, an eared seal, sometimes feeds on otters.

Mammals that start with s?

Skunks, Squirrels, Seals, Sea Otters and Sea Lions

How are seals related to sea otters?

They are from the same super-family of Arctoidea, which in turn splits into the super-families of Pinnipedia (Seals, sea lions) and Musteloidea (otters, ferrets, weasels, etc)

Are seals related to sea otters?

no, they are just different marine animals

How many types of mammal live in the sea?

Whales,dolphins,seals, sea otters, dugong.

What is the difference between a harbor seal and a sea lion?

Sea lions have external ears and seals do not.

What lives around sea otters?

Clams, sea urchins, fish, seals, sea lions, it depends on the area

What kind of animals did the Kwakiutl Indians have?

sea otters, whales, birds, and seals

What did the tillamook Indians eat?

elk,seals,salmon, sea otters,and whales

how dose sea otters attack?

They sometimes attack baby seals.

Do killer whales eat sea otters?

Yes, killer whales eat sea otters, although they're less popular than the different kind of seals.

How much do sea otters weigh?

Adult Sea Otters weigh between 35-90 lbs

What are the release dates for Aqua Kids - 2005 Sea Lions Otters and Seals Oh My 4-9?

Aqua Kids - 2005 Sea Lions Otters and Seals Oh My 4-9 was released on: USA: 3 November 2008

Did Indians of the Pacific Northwest eat penguins?

No. They ate seals, salmon, sea otters, and whales.

What type of mammals live in the sea?

Whales and dolphins are mammals living in the sea. Seals and otters live in the sea and on land, but depend on the sea for food.

What are the mammals that live in water?

Animals that live in water include whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, and sea otters.

Where did chumash find natural resources?

The Chumash found sea lions, seals, otters,& other sea life animals.

What did the Makah Indians eat?

The Makah Indians mostly ate sea foods such as: Whales Crabs Fish Seals and Sea Otters

Do sea otters eat sea otters?


What is the habitat of sea otters?

a sea otters habitat is the sea

What is the sea otters habitat?

a sea otters habitat is the sea